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Bunnell Bar Arranges a Fundraiser Poker Run for Tornado Victim

An EF-1 tornado ravaged a house that came in its way in Flagler County. Friends and neighbors came up to help him out. A Flagler County bar has started an initiative to help raise funds for one of its loyal customers.

Friends and neighbors of Troy Robertson, whose house was destroyed, helped him clean the devastation caused. Robertson was glad to have so many people coming up to help him stand up again, but he was also disturbed about losing all his possession, “There’s nothing left, it’s all covered, it’s all covered up, it’s all mashed, it’s all sucked out the windows, it’s all gone.”

Neighbors also got together to help Linda Rugenstein clean up her lawn that was strewn with debris. She was lucky that her house was not affected by the tornado, even though it was just a few miles away from that of Robertson’s house.

The Bunnell bar where Robertson and his biker friends loved to hang out and have been a regular for years has stepped in to bring his life back on track.

Kim Elmhore of Ike’s Saloon said that he operated a repair shop from his home, which too has got destroyed; therefore, he will not be able to earn an income till he set up his shop and home again. She also said that Robertson has always stood up for friends when in need and has willingly helped them. He actively donates for people’s fundraisers.

The Bunnell bar has decided to organize a poker run for Robertson in alliance with four other bars in the locality to raise funds to support him.

Elmhore was hopeful that the whole community would come forward to help a man who has helped everybody else in their time of need, “I’m hoping that everyone will be willing to give back to him like he did to everybody else.” She is hoping to see contributions coming in from all the communities, not just the biker community that Robertson has been a part of for years.

The poker run will start from another bar and it will conclude at Ike’s Saloon on January 5.

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