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Corinthians win Copa Libertadores Femenina

Corinthians now have their fourth title in the Copa Libertadores Femenina, an annual international women’s association football club competition. Interestingly, this marks the last one with their leader, Arthur Elias. He is now headed to Brazil. Elias has given 16 trophies to the side in the last 7 years. The most recent one comes after a 1-0 win against their arch-rivals, Palmeiras. Millene and Lene stand out in the crowd, especially with Millene bringing home the only goal of the 90-minute run in the first 45 minutes.

Arthur has said that this is a feeling of pride. He has acknowledged that his time is ending with the team in the best possible manner. Amanda Gutierres almost made it equal.

Corinthians bagged the title for four years: 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2023. Taricane did register a red card to her name in the 66th minute, but the work was done. Palmeiras will now come back in the next edition to claim the title.

Corinthians took 12 shots to the net, with two of them being on target. Compared to Palmeiras, it was 15 shots on target, with 5 of them hitting the shot. They even ruled over possession of the ball. Estadio Pascual Guerrero assumed that the game was titled to their side. Little did the live spectators know that Corinthians were simply sticking to their game plan despite having minimal possession.

Another important aspect that experts are analyzing is the accuracy of passes. Corinthians was way behind with 62%, while their opponents were at 78%. Yet, winners could find a way to make it to the scoring end for the goal. The midfielder’s goal will now always live in the minds of their fans that also caused a high wave of fluctuating odds in the football betting industry.

It was the second half where Palmeiras brought out the best game. It was a little too late, and Belli hopefully understands that. Katrine, Bia Zaneratto, and Yamila Rodriguez made attempts. The Brazilian goalkeeper’s saves helped the team to secure the win. Meaning, all attempts went down the drain against a wall-like attitude of Izidoro.

Trophy-lifters made it easy after a game where they were close to losing it all. RS took the game to the penalty shootout, forcing the champions to dance for a neck-to-neck fight. The original score was tallied at a single goal each. The follow-up round left them at 4-3 in favor of Corinthians.

Palmeiras are disappointed, knowing that their tournament was exceptional and the trophy should have come home. Their 3-1 semi-final versus Atletico de Madrid came right after a massive 6-0 win over Club Olimpia.

Both teams obviously deserved to be in the final, and both of them had an equal chance of lifting the trophy. As they say, may the best team win, for that’s precisely what happened. It was the day for Corinthians in the Copa Libertadores Femenina, and they made full use of it by beating their arch-rivals by 1-0, with the sole score coming in the first 45 minutes.

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