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Encore, Boston is Nearing Full Employment with Only 64 Seats to Go

Keeping the glitz and glamour of Encore aside, the fundamental reason for the inauguration of the resort in Everett, was to generate new job opportunities via a new industry. Last week, Encore’s President Bob DeSalvio reported to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), that they were nearing full employment.

Encore had promised nearly 5,000 jobs at full employment. Currently, there are 4,982 people actively employed at the luxury resort, while 220 more are in the process of being taken-in (most of them is to be operational in the gaming area). With only 64 positions remaining to be employed, Encore is almost ready to deliver its promise very soon.

The president of Encore also declared that they were preparing to include more dealers to the gaming deck. It will help them bring more table games to the floor.

President of Encore, Said,

Being, associated with diversity-hiring in the construction phase, Encore’s employment report had to be shown to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. The resort earned praises from the MGC as one of the most diversely-massive projects in the state.

In the construction phase, Encore’s workforce requirements goal was, hiring 15.4 percent of minorities; they ended up hiring 25.7 percent.  Furthermore, they had the intention of hiring 6.9 percent of female workers on the construction team and, ended up hiring 7.2 percent.

As per the contracts awarded throughout the construction phase, a total of $263 million was awarded to women, minorities, and veteran businesses, which is way more than what their initial plan stated. They intended to keep it within 11.4 percent, and, ended up awarding 18.4 percent.

Encore’s president declared,

Encore's president declared

According to Encore, their biggest achievement was not the numbers, but, the overall lack of traffic, and congestion they have caused since commencement.

From the first day of business, the resort had not only managed to not-create the deadlock that has been predicted for years but, also managed to produce strong gaming numbers. Many had predicted that traffic would be hectic after the Labor Day, but that was also managed easily.

DeSalvio expressed his gratitude to MGC and other authorities and stakeholders who had worked relentlessly for months to draft an initial transportation plan, which made it possible to manage traffic that well.

He stated that the major reason, behind the success, was that, Encore’s rush hour did not coincide with the traffic rush hour. “In the morning, we do not collide at all with the commuter hour,” he said.

DeSalvio said

He said that they were counting to promote the casino in a better way with hopes to make Encore “Greater Boston’s hometown casino.”

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