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End-of-Year Report: Where Is Sports Betting in Florida Going in 2022?

In recent months, we’ve covered current events in Florida, which has been one of the more fascinating states to monitor in the sports betting legislation process. On Wednesday, the Florida Division of Elections revealed that initiative 21-13, popularly known as the Florida Education Champions movement, had over 240,000 petition signatures. Campaign spokesperson Christina Johnson announced that they are optimistic they will get enough signatures to be on the ballot in Florida in 2022 if they hit their goal of 891,589 by the deadline of February 1.

Education Champion Program in the state of Florida

The Florida Education Champions movement aims to open up the state’s sports betting market to national operators like DraftKings and FanDuel, the two most prominent names in the business. They have pledged over $37 million in support of the cause. Anyone over the age of 21 in the state of Florida would be permitted to participate in sports betting, both online and in person. Here is a list of legal USA sportsbooks where you can have a seamless gaming experience!

Legislation implementing licensing and regulating laws would have to be adopted by the Florida Legislature if initiative 21-13 is successful. There will be no tax revenue from sports betting activities going to any other department or agency. On the campaign’s website, you may find out more information.

What is the Seminole Tribe’s Situation?

There was a time when it appeared as though the Seminole Tribe would be the only source for sports betting in Florida, according to an agreement it made with Governor Ron DeSantis. The only other option in the state would be the Hard Rock Sportsbook operated by the tribe. Anti-gaming groups and local pari-mutuel companies, on the other hand, argued that the agreement breached federal and state antitrust laws, as well as limits on gambling outside of the tribal territory. On November 22, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney L. Friedrich took down the gaming agreement. Despite the Seminole Tribe’s ongoing appeal of the federal judge’s order, the Hard Rock Sportsbook framework was indefinitely closed on December 4.

What to Expect in 2022?

For the first time, the largest state in the United States is expected to open legal sports betting market. If the proposal of the Florida Education Champions passes, a referendum on sports betting will be on the November ballot. If the public authorizes the practice, the market will open in 2023. Hard Rock Sportsbook and the DraftKings/FanDuel partnership seek to win an appeals court judgment on the Seminole Tribe gaming compact early next year to debut their product in Florida. With a populace of around 21.5 million, Florida will be one of the country’s most profitable sports betting markets if legalized.

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