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Cloudbet Offers eSports Betting With Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum

Cloudbet is an eminent online bitcoin casino platform, which is completely licensed and regulated with a loyal customer base around the globe. Now, with the launch of a new Beta platform, Cloudbet is offering eSports betting with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

Cloudbet primarily aims to offer customers the best odds for the most sought-after leagues like UCL, EPL, NBA, and NFL as well as superlative Bitcoin betting limits. This implies that the player can be confident about their required level. Cloudbet also offers an attractive Bitcoin casino where many have tried their luck and won big. If one likes the live casino environs, Cloudbet can be a good choice sitting at home. Read our latest Cloudbet review to know about salient features, bonus and promotion offers, updates made to Cloudbet.

Things You Need To Know About eSports Betting

eSports betting is staking on professional video gaming which considerably is the most rapidly growing form of sports betting now. The remarkable improvement in technology has triggered the expansion and popularity of online games all the more.

The massive development in internet connectivity has enabled new gamers to create and engage with diverse communities across the globe. This eventually attracted new gamblers and they indulged in regular betting. To know more about esports options and bet types, click here!

Formats of eSports Betting

eSports is the term that comprises of a wide range of gaming formats which are classified in different types. eSports is classified into:

MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

FPS – First Person Shooter

Real-Time Strategy 

Console Games 

eSports Betting With Bitcoin 

The crypto and eSports community have a lot of things to share in common. Both the platforms have been growing around the same time period driven by the desire of re-invention of existing formats- money and competitive sport. eSports has always baked into the plan for Cloudbet’s new Beta platform. Cloudbet is now excited to be able to offer betting with Bitcoin on eSports. 


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