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What’s the status of online sports betting bills in the MS Legislature?

The Tuesday meeting in the Mississippi House and Senate brought good news for the US casinos. Two casino bills managed to survive one more deadline in the Senate.

However, there is still a long way to go before the bills get approved and levied. According to HB 774, the online sports betting amendment in the meeting will migrate the code sections from the committee’s reach. The House Gaming Committee’s chairman, Casey Eure, presented the bill.

Similarly, the committee also moved SB 2780 out of its reach with a reverse repealer. The repealer offers more time for bill adjustments, helping it pass through the process.

All of the Best Sports Betting Sites in USA are closely following the bill, as they can define the gambling industry. Known as the tidelands bills, these bills can determine where casinos are constructed.

Moreover, the bills dictate how much money can be invested to build the casino on the coast. David Blount, the Senate Gaming Committee’s chairman, was the one who introduced and amended the bill.

The latest meeting on Tuesday has breathed new life into the US gambling industry. Since the bills are still alive, they can at least make it to the conference. There, three members from each chamber will evaluate the bills and see if they can be supported.

If the bills manage to survive the conference as well, they finally hit the floors for a vote. The final step is to decide whether the bills will be applied without any further action. Seeing how much rides on these bills, it is natural for the gambling community to cheer them on.

If the final votes fall in the bills’ favor, the US gambling industry can witness a complete makeover.

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