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A New Filing in the Court Halts the Future of Sports Betting in Florida

Sports Betting allows participants to place wagers on a sporting event. It could relate to any sport, including, but not limited to, baseball and basketball. Sports betting offers different outcomes for a specific sport, and participants choose the one that has the best chance to win.

It has gotten easier as sports betting sites have taken over the gambling industry with time. Participants can view all the odds to place their wager right from their homes. Some regions are yet to recognize sports betting, or even gambling, as legal.

Florida’s Sports Betting Put On Hold, Again

Residents of Florida will have to wait a little longer as there is a further delay in the case of the Seminole-State of Florida compact. A new filing has come up in the US Circuit Court of Appeals, according to which Monterra AF LLC has requested the court to hear its case.

The Seminole-State of Florida compact was deemed illegal in November last year by District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich. She had vacated the compact six months ago; however, Monterra AF LLC has now started arguing that voters must have the right to decide on the expansion of the gambling industry.

The compact had given the go-ahead to tribal sports betting, affecting the space for others to enter and grow their businesses. Experts now predict that the case could go on for almost one year amid a new filing. 

A huge part of the argument is that voters must be allowed to take a call on the expansion instead of a compact letting the gambling space expand without anyone’s consent.

Monterra AF LLC has many business owners, non-profits, and property owners in its network. The voice is common, claiming that they all oppose the illegal expansion of gambling not just in Florida but everywhere in the United States of America.

Two of the partners have sought a different approach to the case. West Flagler Associates and the Bonita Springs Card Room have vested their interest in getting the compact declared illegal, and their online platforms shut down. Both stated that their approach was valid as the compact was limiting the prospects of their businesses.

Monterra AF LLC, on the other hand, has gone on to stick to the argument that voters must have sufficient grounds to take a call on the gambling expansion. Since voters were consulted on the sports betting business of the tribe, Monterra had the right to submit a new filing.

Both parties have different interests, but they seek the same thing: to declare the expansion of gambling through the compact illegal.

The two cases were concluded in November last year but were never consolidated. While District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich said that the compact had violated the terms of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, she also said that the request made by Monterra by moot as vacating the compact had fully redressed injuries suffered by Monterra.

West Flagler Associates and the Bonita Springs Card Room had sued the US Department of the Interior earlier. Both partners highlighted that the department had overstepped its bounds by giving the Seminole-State of Florida compact its approval.

Assuming no new fresh filing emerges in the coming days and the court rules on time, Florida would be able to indulge in sports betting by the end of next year.

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