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England Wins Women’s Euro Final Against Germany

England has brought the title home while playing at home in the women’s Euro final, where it won the match by 2-1 against Germany.

Beth Mead became a player of the Tournament while Sarina Wiegman won the final consecutively, once with the Netherlands and once with England. It was a lot of pressure, but the team took it like heroes, making not just the nation but all the game lovers proud for setting a landmark with the moments and numbers to follow.

The final had a footfall of over 87,000 at the venue, the largest in the history of the European championship for men and women. The same record was set in Germany when their native team was up against France in the semis.

According to the numbers, nearly 9.3 million viewers experienced their team win the semis and step on to the finals. This is much more than the number for England in 2009, which was 1.4 million viewers.

Leah Williamson, England Captain, said this was not just a change for women’s football but society’s general. She added that the final was a fairytale fixture that became a reality.

The first-place medals were handed over by Prince Williams, who congratulated the team with a gentle hug. If a prince’s visit sounds like a fairy tale, then there is more to it with Kateryna Monzul, head referee, in the lead.

She was in the bunker in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where Russian attacks were expected at any moment. She traveled with her family through six countries before landing at Wembley, unaware that she would soon take on the head role in the finals. While stating to the media, she cited that it was the moment that one dream and they come true.

Moments were mainly made in the second half of the game where England and Germany came face to face with one goal coming from each side by Ella Toone from England and Lina Magull from Germany.

Both traded a goal each in the second half to take the to extra time, where Chloe Kelly’s heroic shot in the 110th minute gave England its title to end the longest title drought.

She had to fight hard for the goal. Shooting that goal brought everyone to their feet as the title came home without moving forward. The crowd cheered as she ripped off her shirt in joy, creating a moment where fans and players alike celebrated the victory.

Families and children of all ages gathered around to experience a history page being added in front of them. Football was played at home with victory and title waiting to land at the hand of the hosts.

It all happened for real; England won the final to set the stage for the future. This must be an ecstatic moment for punters who won high on football betting sites.

Calling the moment unreal, Chloe Kelly bolted away from the media interview to join her teammates and add to the already burst energy.

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