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Esports Betting Soars in 2024, SOFTSWISS Insights

In 2023, the esports industry is witnessing strange growth, attracting both punters and a general audience. SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, a major leader in the sports betting software sector, has disclosed that the past year has seen changes in betting preferences and trends, which have flipped the betting world upside down.

Sports wagering has gained significant attention, diverting attention from conventional sports, from an area that was previously obscure. Sports such as football, tennis, and basketball have historically attracted a greater volume of wagering activity. On the contrary, esports has experienced significant growth, ascending from the seventh spot in 2021 to the fourth spot in 2023. As the sixth most betted game, Counter-Strike has been the preference of players.

Esports, according to the founder of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, Alexander Kamenetskyi, is the key to future wagering. He proposed that the collaborators redirect their attention towards cybergenres, an area that will appeal to a broader demographic than the conventional gambling sector. According to the Newzoo report, the esports audience is anticipated to reach 640 million by 2025. This figure serves as a conspicuous indicator of the enormous potential that operators can capitalize on within this niche.

An additional noteworthy trend is the growing prevalence of mobile wagering. The data indicates that the pattern persists, as 80% of all wagers are placed on mobile devices in 2023, up from 70% the year prior and 68% two years ago. Mobile wagering, and live betting in particular, contributes significantly to the 92% of GGR that operators are receiving. Kamenetskyi emphasized the critical nature of improving mobile interfaces in light of the persistent issue of slow internet performance in regions such as Africa and Latin America, where internet connectivity stability is of strategic importance. Additionally, the emergence of esports crypto betting has become increasingly prominent, reflecting a fusion of two burgeoning industries and presenting novel opportunities for both gamers and investors alike.

One of the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook team’s noteworthy findings is the influence of large sporting events, such as the 2022 World Cup, on online casino turnover, which drops by 10-20% when the events are taking place. This trend indicates a short-term transfer of casino players to sports betting. Kamenetskyi underlined the tactical advantage of adding sportsbooks to casino platforms, which promotes popularity and extends player stays during world-class athletic events. Furthermore, the Sportsbook is designed to function with any gambling platform currently on the market. It is a very adaptable and convenient tool for iGaming companies who want to capitalize on this propensity.

A rapidly evolving betting environment is depicted by the increase in esports activity within the sports betting industry, the transition of gambling towards mobile platforms, and the correlation between casino turnover and significant sporting events. With the emergence of these trends, technological advancements and shifts in consumer behavior seem poised to shape the future of sports wagering, thereby inaugurating an unprecedented era of gambling.

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