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Genius Sports renews association with FanDuel

Genius Sports has expanded its collaboration with FanDuel. The purpose behind this was to introduce its transformative BetVision streaming services successfully. FanDuel, the absolute top sportsbook in America, will unleash BetVision as a segment of making the NFL available via Genius Sports. 

As per the understanding, Genius Sports will be the prime distributor regarding NFL Official League Data and will remain offering FanDuel connectivity with the league’s established new-age stats (NGS) data and the sports wagering data feed. 

In turn, BetVision will provide the option for the connected users of FanDuel, via their mobile handsets and tablets, to engage with advanced live NFL action within the application. With the integration of BetVision with the FanDuel sportsbook, NFL enthusiasts can view NFL games of their choosing within the application. It will come with live stat tracking, utilized by North America’s biggest broadcasters and streaming associates. 

In the upcoming times, the association will provide FanDuel the option to incorporate BetVision’s further prime features, such as integrated wagering odds, in-game wagering alerts, and data-oriented enhancements. Added to that will be placing live bets in the video player. Following the company’s inception in September, BetVision has witnessed increased in-game betting, user involvement, and an added user base. 

According to the Chief Commercial Officer of FanDuel, Mike Raffensperger, being the sports wagering associate of the NFL makes them push the boundaries for advancing the wagering exposure for their connected NFL betting enthusiasts. In his opinion, collaborating with Genius Sports will ensure they are headed in the right direction. 

As stated by CEO of Genius Sports, Mark Locke, striking a deal with FanDuel will make it possible to change the very face of sports wagering throughout North America. He firmly believes that BetVision will be responsible for creating fresh ways of experiencing live wagering and attracting further users within their fold.

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