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FanUp Joins Hands With Continent 8 Technologies To Support Core Functions

FanUp, the leading brand in the esports and sports betting space, has announced its collaboration with award-winning network solution provider, Continent 8 Technologies, for manifesting its core objectives post the forthcoming application launch in August. The global network facilitator will leverage support for the FanUp app’s multiple requirements like cybersecurity, hosting, and connectivity.

According to the blog post, FanUp is keen to organize a systematic public launch of its revolutionary app studded with high-end features. The team is taking all the necessary steps to bring the app to the users by entering into strategically important partnerships with the most reputed business firms having expertise in their respective arenas. Its team up with Continent 8 Technologies is a crucial step in this regard as it will help in fulfilling the most vital attributes of the app network. By enriching the app with user-friendliness, high-speed, secured back-end operations, Continent 8 Technologies firm will play a significant role in fueling outreach of the real money esports and sports contests of FanUp in New Jersey post the launch.

Tejas Bodiwala stated, co-founder and CEO, FanUp,

Tejas Bodiwala stated

The robust suite of hosting, security, and network management services offered by the Continent 8 Technologies system is the first choice for all the new firms willing to explore the sports and esports gaming arenas in the US market space. It helps them build up the system in the initial stages while also supporting their growth operations with the industry’s development over the years. With its data centers and network support systems, connect, manage, and secure the most crucial information for the public as well as private entities in more than 40 regions in Europe, Asia, and America.

The firm has been bestowed with several prestigious awards for offering an unprecedented range of services, not just once but many times. The long list of its awards includes Corporate Service Provider of the Year; Malta Gaming Awards: Hosting Service of the Year; Isle of Man Newspapers: International Business of the Year; and EGR Awards: Data Centre of the Year 2010–2019.

FanUp will enrich its users with America’s first esports and gaming app studded with multiplayer features, intuitive content, social tech, challenges and contests, and leaderboards. The portal will allow friends and fans to compete against each other safely.

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