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Patrick Marleau Will Be the First to Have His No. 12 Retired by the Sharks

The iconic Canadian Ice Hockey player, who played in the forward position and as a team member of the San Jose Sharks, will have his famous jersey No. 12 retired on the 25th of February, 2023. In its entire time, the NHL has rarely come across another living legend of his stature.

This would be an absolute first in NHL franchise history and many bettors who were looking forward to betting on NHL will be saddened by this news. Raising Patrick Marleau’s No.12 to the rafters. This announcement was formally made on Thursday.

According to Patrick Marleau, the 42-year-old inspiration to all aspiring ice hockey players, his dream had been consistently about playing in the NHL since he could remember from his early childhood days. After his selection, and then on, he landed up playing a wholesome 21 seasons for San Jose. And there was never any looking back.

He possessed the onus of having played 1,607 games, in which he was successful in scoring a staggering 522 goals and, in the bargain, earning a total amount of 1,111 points. In the year 2020-21, his last playing in the NHL, he managed to draw up a score of having played for the Sharks, 56 games. This helped him in scoring all nine points. The correct breakup would be his scoring four goals and five assists. The distinction of having played all 1,779 games in the NHL surely goes to him and will be carried by him forever. 

In the very words of Johnathan Becher, who holds the position of being the President of Sharks, he looks forward to that celebratory moment when Patrick Marleau would have the ultimate, and a very first time, honor bestowed upon him for everything he has brought to the ice hockey game in general, and the enormous amount of pride and prestige he has brought to the Sharks in particular. The occasion would also give his undying fans an unforgettable moment to be there and celebrate with him. 

Patrick Marleau has proved to the world that dreams pursued with a single-line focus can surely be achieved, no matter how big and impossible they may seem. He also leaves behind a legacy of gigantic proportions.

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