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The Buffalo Bills Have a Chance to Win the Super Bowl

The Buffalo Bills have a rare chance of winning the Super Bowl despite losing four consecutive Super Bowls with slightly higher odds in their favor, according to various NFL betting sites. The Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl would interestingly be a surprising twist based on the kind of history it is bringing into the game this season.

Many more incidents and occasions are being drawn that may happen this season. Considering they have never come up for a long time, the occurrence of rare incidents would turn the crowd crazy and make them believe in a higher and stronger power.

To start with, Tom Brady could fail to leave a lasting impression with his play on the field. A 20-yard pass is a piece of cake he has every other day. Not being able to deliver that performance would break the odds into pieces, with players – on & off the field – experiencing their heads going for a spinny ride.

It is unbelievable that Tom Brady is third in line to take away the MVP title.

The New England Patriots and Bill Belichick share a synonym bond that could break this season. There is surety or confirmation, but odds prevail on NFL betting sites. The coaching genius leaving the side during a losing streak would make everyone raise their eyebrows out of shock, if not surprise.

The last time the Detroit Lions won the playoffs was in 1991. The team returning on that track has a +350 on NFL betting odds. Winning Playoffs is now a drought for the team with no signs of a revival any time soon; however, that would set some new stats for the players.

A wide pocketing of the MVP title has never happened in the history of 64 years. Jerry Rice came closer but left empty-handed at the end.

This season, Cooper Kupp stands a chance of 80-1, supported by his previous year’s Offensive Player of the Year title. Either the 64-year streak will break or continue with time to reveal everything.

As per the recent sports news, Collin Kaepernick getting signed by an NFL team may happen this season. A few teams have expressed interest, but his dues are long overpaid. 1-point safety has never happened in the history of the NFL. Imagine that happening and the audience experiencing it for the first, and probably the only time would be the rarest of the rare incidents.

Weather conditions have been funny for 24 hours. The four-hour gaming period is yet to see all of it – rain, snow & sunny – till now.

Expansion is the only way to move forward. The NFL has been contemplating it for some time, with many suggesting simply moving a few franchises abroad and sparing the entire game. Dwayne Johnson-led XFL is yet to leave a lasting impression in the audience’s minds. Now that it is set to resume activities in 2023, the management is checking the scope of bringing it at par with the NFL.

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