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A New Eco-Friendly HQ is Now Open for Belgian Football

Proximus Basecamp, the new headquarters for the Belgian Football Association, has been inaugurated in Tubize. The aim is to assemble different game components in a single location with the spirit of inclusion and unity while being responsible for the environment. FIFA backed the Royal Belgian Football Association by up to 10% for the project.

FIFA contributed 10% to the total project under the FIFA Forward program.

A new eco-friendly headquarters for the association was a dire requirement for getting things into order. The positivity is now at its peak for all the members involved in the association.

For one, Paul Van den Bulck expressed happiness and pride in the opening of the new magnificent building. Paul is the President of the Royal Belgian Football Association. He built on the previous statement by quoting that the infrastructure symbolizes the team’s reorganization process while working on the project.

The new constructional move has brought together the football staff and personnel from the administrative side, enabling them to work as a team in all aspects.

As per the latest sports news, Peter Bossaert, the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Belgian Football Association, explained that it was important to understand that the sports department had to be connected with other departments to achieve the goal of assembling all the components.

The refereeing department has been considered as well. Video Assistant Referees have been moved from their mobile units to an operating room in Tubize that will be central to the region.

Stephanie Forde, the RBFA Refereeing Operations Director, said it was important to move the refereeing department. Stephanie also said that the region is now equipped to prepare for the matches more effectively than ever before. The RBFA will now also be able to organize its training sessions with high-quality facilities and equipment.

Frederic Veraghaenne said that the new HQ resulted from ten years of hard work.

It lowers the transportation inconvenience and thereby decreases the pollution caused in the process. Frederick further talked about the new infrastructure, saying it was built from scratch to enable the team to evaluate a series of environmentally responsible innovations.

The update comes before days left for the FIFA World Cup, an event that has kept everyone engaged to the timetable marked with crosses. Online football betting will soon kick start its operations. Odds in favor of the teams that are definite to win could experience a slight hurdle. Stay on the lookout and keep checking live updates before going all in.

FIFA, too, issued a statement on occasion saying that it was delighted to have contributed to building the project through the FIFA Forward program.

Heidi Beha, the European Development Manager for FIFA, showered words of appreciation for football, saying that the game has the capability of uniting people irrespective of their backgrounds and languages.

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