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FIFA World Cup 2022: Mexico vs. Poland ends in stalemate, denying Lewandowski goal

As anticipated by the majority of fans, the Mexico vs. Poland match ended in a no-score draw. Robert Lewandowski was unable to score the first goal of the FIFA World Cup 2022, while Ochoa assisted Mexico by making a crucial stop.

Lewandowski managed to land one of the only two shots that posed some threat. Mexico, on the other hand, stood out as the more progressive team. Poland lost a golden chance after Lewandowski was found impeded within the penalty box.

The referee allowed a penalty after a check, followed by a four-minute wait. As expected, Lewandowski took the penalty; however, the player failed to convert the opportunity. Ochoa managed to parry away the strike, denying the Barcelona-based player a goal.

Prior to the match, some supporters had bet on Lewandowski to score a goal. Most FIFA betting sites had the player as their top pick for the game. However, Poland’s all-time leading scorer was unable to break the record of 76 goals scored in international competition.

Guillermo Ochoa was unquestionably Mexico’s best player; without him, the Mexicans would not have been able to maintain a tie. Although the penalty was well-targeted, it may have lacked sufficient force. As a result of the save, Ochoa’s fifth FIFA World Cup appearance has been a success.

It added another clean sheet to the 37-year-old’s CV, including Germany and Brazil. This was the first penalty save for a Mexican goalkeeper (except in shootouts) since Paternoster made a save back in 1930.

With this point, Mexico is now ready to compete against Argentina and Saudi Arabia. While the first match against Argentina will be challenging, the headline-makers, the team is expected to win against Saudi Arabia.

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