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UFC confirms the return of Conor McGregor

Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor will square off in Las Vegas on June 29, 2024. Dana White, the Chief Executive Officer of the UFC, has confirmed the development. Dana said that the 35-year-old Irish MMA artist will be hosted at UFC 303, bringing him back to the octagon. This makes it the first time since 2021 that Conor has entered the court for a fight.

His last event was against Dustin Poirier, where he ended up with a broken left leg. That was the second consecutive loss to Dustin and the third in the four bouts. The number is rather alarming since he has only had four bouts since 2016.

McGregor’s return does two things: it brings excitement among his fans and enlightens the numbers for the UFC. He has been one of the UFC’s most valuable MMA artists. Six of his fights are ranked among the most significant in terms of pay-per-view (PPV) purchases. Most spectators attended one of those events, in which he contested Khabib Nurmagomedov for UFC 229 bouts. The broadcast of that event generated approximately $180 million and 2.4 million in purchases.

The second best-selling event featured Conor and Floyd Mayweather. It was held in 2017, with Showtime reporting a domestic PPV of 4.3 million along with a total revenue of $600 million.

McGregor’s numbers are notable as well. He has reportedly earned $555 million with adjusted inflation plus nominal dollars of $465 million. More than 50% of that came from the event against Mayweather and his whiskey brand, Proper No. Twelve. He is also featured on the list of the highest-paid athletes in the 50th position.

The upcoming MMA event against Chandler brings him back to the field. Broadcasters are gearing up, and so is the Las Vegas venue. Some of the best UFC betting sites will eventually make the odds available on their platform, enabling interested fans to demonstrate their knowledge, prove they are right, and take home some sweet victory themselves. This includes Stake,, and Fairspin, to mention a few.

Conor, meanwhile, has another event to celebrate: the public launch of Alta Global. John Kavanagh founded it. He is globally recognized for training Conor McGregor and shaping him into a UFC champion. The IPO has been priced at $5 per share on the NYSE American Exchange. Alta Group was previously recognized as Wimp 2 Warrior.

McGregor has a tally of 22-6, with the last fight going back to 2021. A return marks excitement in the world of MMA. Conor confronts Chandler in Las Vegas to set a new benchmark and showcases his continued possession of the requisite abilities to achieve championship status. Adding to the circumstance is the fact that he neglected his injury early in his career.

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