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YouGov study reveals US sports bettors’ preferences and demographics

A comprehensive study conducted by UK-based consumer research and data analytics firm YouGov has revealed a lot about US sports bettors’ preferences as well as their demographic information. The group surveyed 2,000 registered or potential sports bettors in the US from January 5-18, 2024. The results give an interesting view of the online sportsbook landscape.

According to the survey, 71% of respondents are currently active in that they have placed at least one wager within the past year, while another 29% have not yet made any bets but plan on signing up with one within this year.

The study also showed that most people who engage in sport gambling come from age groups between 25 and 44 years old (65%). Also, it was found out that men dominate this industry since they account for more than two thirds (72%) of all current players; women make up only slightly over a quarter (28%). However, what is intriguing is the prospective player figures, which show there might be changes happening regarding gender dynamics as things evolve further down the line – 43% were female.

In the last month, mobile apps were used by punters to place bets on different platforms; it worked for them. The survey indicates that more than three quarters of such users prefer using three or more sportsbook apps while betting frequently, at least once per week. Current players aged between 25-44 years old tend to use not less than three different sites/apps whereas their older counterparts stick with just one bookie website or a maximum two online bookies. 

Three popular online sportsbooks include DraftKings, FanDuel and bet365 which is leading among other bookmakers across legal states where gambling is permitted nationwide, but interestingly enough, newbies like ESPN BET attract mostly younger folks into signing up for accounts (launched November last year), whilst middle-aged individuals still favor older ones like DKFD.

However, Bet365 takes the top spot when it comes to popularity among young adults aged 25-34, with 40% choosing this particular website/app over others available on the market. Bet365 also holds first place for overall sportsbook usage across all age groups, with 60 % saying they use it now more than when they started betting.

The two youngest age groups (21-24 and 25-34) show that Bet365 has overtaken DraftKings as being the most used online sportsbook app/site while DKFD dominates the other three markets (35+ ) but also attracts users from these categories too.

When all demographics are combined together, DraftKings comes out on top, taking into account its popularity within the 35-44, 45-54, and 55+ age groups, followed closely behind by FanDuel. Bet365 averages the third highest percentage of users at 28%.

The results also offer valuable insights into what the rapidly changing landscape of internet based gambling is looking like today and tomorrow. As such, this means that depending on where you stand or operate from in the industry chain — as an entrepreneur, operator, or service provider; understanding these dynamics might just be what sets your business apart from competitors in the years ahead.

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