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Argentina keeps getting better, says goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez

Argentina and France have been named as the two finalists for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The giants are set to clash on Sunday in what is expected to be a thrilling match.

While both nations are among the biggest names in the football circuit, their World Cup journeys were not the same. As the defending champion, France has showcased amazing fortitude throughout the competition.

On the other hand, Argentina entered the competition on a 35-match winning streak. The team suffered a loss against outsider Saudi Arabia, shocking every Argentinian supporter. However, the team has picked up the pace ever since, helping them enter the finals comfortably.

Even goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez believes that the team has gotten better since the encounter. According to the GK, Argentina has constantly improved over time. Now, it is neither the Finalissima nor the Copa America squad. The team is not one step ahead of everything.

Every player needs to believe in great things, starting with belief. Only after working on these beliefs can the team capitalize on its latent talent, said Martinez.

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The player also praised Messi, stating that the forward has always performed amazingly. However, Martinez is especially impressed with Messi’s performance in the World Cup. The player is leading the goal tally, closely followed by Mbappe.

Now that Messi has officially announced the World Cup final as the player’s final WC game, all eyes are on Argentina to lift the cup.

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