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Legal online casinos set to launch in New York in 2024

There is an apparent shift in New York’s attitude toward online gambling, which may have huge consequences. Recently, the state’s process reached a new level of discussion regarding the approval of a comprehensive measure on online casinos, marking a significant turning point. Although there have been numerous discussions and issues in the past, as well as lengthy deliberations, there appears to be a growing sense of harmony between Governor Kathy Hochul and New York’s lawmakers. This could lead to changes in both the state’s business and leisure sectors in the near future.

Governor Hochul’s recent actions to suspend the implementation of the congestion tax bill on June 5th have raised eyebrows over a forecasted $1 billion economic deficit. Debates about finding new sources of income have ensued, with a proposal to convene an extraordinary session of the state legislature to address the deficit. Another potential solution is to legalize online casinos, which lawmakers have been discussing for a long time due to their high revenues.

Leading this charge is State Senator Joseph Addabbo, who has been a key supporter of the legalization of online casinos in New York. Addabbo introduced SB815 recently, which implies that up to 20 online casino operators can offer access in the state through mobile applications. Even the licensing fees could serve as a significant source of revenue for the state and significantly alleviate the plight of struggling agencies like the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

When it comes to the rationality of moving forward with online casinos, the decision strengthens when it is considered that New York has already legalized sports betting apps and large firms like BetMGM are already operating. If Governor Hochul approves SB815 during the special session, the revenues from licensing fees could alleviate the MTA’s budgetary constraints in the long run.

Planning for an emergency session, however, is a challenging task because it requires a lot of careful planning. According to Addabbo, the next step is to choose a specific date and make a clear list of actions required before moving to the next level. Also, Governor Hochul has to solve the problem of obtaining support from powerful unions, such as the New York Hotel Trades Council. The union’s backing is crucial, as it is believed that an online casino may have a detrimental effect on the revenues of traditional casinos.

In recent years, the procedures for approving new casinos in New York have undergone slight changes. They have now extended the timeline to 2024 for interested casino operators who wish to apply for the license, demonstrating that they are willing to build on the existing gaming framework. This is true not only for land-based casinos, but also for racinos. Following the examples of neighboring states Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where online gambling is rapidly developing, New York plans to regulate cooperation between online portals and terrestrial casinos. This approach strives to foster balanced development in the state’s gaming sector in order to improve the overall industry.

Recent efforts to legalize online casinos in New York not only aim to address the state’s fiscal issues, but also signal a gradual shift in the entertainment and income sectors. Over time, as discussions continue, New York’s prospects for online gaming get closer, and the state can emerge as one of the major players in the years to come for digital gaming. The shift of focus towards recognized US online casinos may contribute to an economic revival in New York and encourage further innovation in the sphere.

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