Responsible Gambling

Online casino gambling is an excellent form of entertainment for players to enjoy the thrill of gambling and betting on the best games and sports. However, fun and enjoyment can become a massive problem with gambling addiction and lead to problem gambling behavior, also referred to as pathological gambling or compulsive betting. 

Around 2.5% of the adult gambling population in the US suffers from problem gambling, based on the reports published by the National Centre for Responsible Gambling. About 1% of them are categorized as players with severe gambling addiction. However, the industry has introduced responsible gambling policies and guidelines to tackle gambling addiction and help players find the best tools and controls provided by their betting platforms. 

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gaming or gambling is the perfect blend of healthy behaviors and strategies that helps gamblers approach the activity only as a form of entertainment. Gambling should never be considered a way of earning money. 

Players must first understand and employ effective bankroll management to achieve responsible gambling. Like other forms of entertainment, gambling also costs money, and players must know precisely how much they should be spending. Setting limits on deposits, losses, and wagers is integral to responsible gambling. There are other crucial responsible gambling tools and controls that promote safe and mindful gambling habits and help players maintain emotional control, adequate bankroll, and risk management and seek professional help whenever required. Overall, the most essential aspect of responsible gambling is to manage time, money, and emotions so that other elements of the player’s life are not affected.

Tips for Gambling Responsibly

To help players practice responsible gambling, whether they prefer to play games online from home or use their devices on the go, our tips mentioned below will help reduce the risks of developing problem gambling –  

  • Don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose – Players should only wager with funds that do not have any other valuable purposes. They should use the surplus after paying rent, buying groceries, paying for utilities, covering medical expenses, and adequate savings. 
  • Track your gambling expenses – It is essential to track gambling expenses and record profits and losses to determine whether one is gambling responsibly. 
  • Don’t chase your losses – Chasing losses can cause players to act irrationally and suffer more significant losses in the future.
  • Take advantage of online limits – Most online casinos allow players to set different limits, such as deposit, betting, loss, and time limits. These limits can help players take frequent breaks, especially when they run out of funds. 
  • Understand that the operator has the advantage – Players should understand that casino operators share in the profits earned through the built-in margins. Hence, they should only expect to win some matches, especially in the long run, and should base their future expenses on their current winnings. 
  • Try other forms of entertainment and hobbies – It is worth mentioning that gambling should not be the only form of entertainment that players enjoy. They must explore other channels and hobbies that keep them busy and away from online casinos and sports betting platforms. 
  • Stop gambling when the fun stops – It is best to stop the activity once the player stops having fun. It rules out problem gambling. Even within the imposed limits, one must learn how to take breaks once they feel no longer entertained by gambling. 
  • Choose where you play – There are many shady online casinos available on the market that can ruin the overall gaming experience. Hence, players must register with safe online casinos that provide the correct tools to help players stay in control. 
  • Seek help if you are struggling – The best online casinos partner with top organizations like Gambler’s Anonymous, GamCare, and BeGambleAware, which offer free resources to those seeking professional help.

Tools Available for Online Gambling

Online gambling sites help players manage their sessions by offering different tools and controls. The following are the best tools for responsible gaming online – 

Deposit Limits

Players can use deposit limits on regulated gambling sites that are easy to set up and use. Online casinos allow prayer to set deposit limits while creating accounts. Once the deposit limit is set, the casino will stop accepting payments that exceed the deposit amount for a particular period. 

Betting Limits

Betting limits restrict the amount of funds players can use to bet within a day, week, month, or year. They are an excellent tool for prohibiting players from gambling outside their bankrolls. 

Time Limits

Time limits are available on both online casinos and sportsbooks. Players can limit the duration they want to stay logged into their accounts. This tool is essential for gamblers since they often need to catch up on time while playing their favorite casino games. 

Cool Down Period

The cooldown period is a forced break that prevents players from accessing their accounts for a set period. 


The self-exclusion tool is similar to the Cool Down Period but for a longer time. This tool is highly recommended for those suffering from problem gambling. With self-exclusion, players can exclude themselves from participating in gambling and betting sites.

Understanding the Causes of Problem Gambling 

Players often find it challenging to evaluate their problems due to excessive gambling. To understand the causes of problem gambling, one must start learning about the concept and practicing responsible gambling. Gambler’s Anonymous offers a quiz with 20 Yes or No questions for players to evaluate their situation. By answering honestly, they can get a healthy response and determine whether they have a gambling addiction. It is best to depend on qualified professionals for actual diagnosis before starting with preventive measures for problem gambling behavior.

Getting the Professional Help You Need           

Sometimes, online gambling can become extremely overwhelming. While blocking, self-exclusion, and cool-down tools and controls aim to help in controlling and combating gambling addiction, players may require seeking professional help and support from industry experts. Many online casinos team up with responsible gambling organizations with professionals who can identify problem gambling behavior in a player. Players must immediately contact professionals dedicated to solving gambling problems when the above tools and controls fail to work. Several organizations, such as Gambler’s Anonymous, GamCare, BeGambleAware, and Gambling Therapy, also offer free support and resources for gambling-related issues. 


Do banks offer responsible gambling support?

Yes, banks play an important role in supporting players who struggle with problem gambling. Financial institutions and gambling companies can potentially limit a player’s gambling sessions and provide help with gambling-related issues. 

How can I keep track of my spending?

Players can keep track of their gambling expenditures by using budgeting planners, apps, or spending calculators and syncing them with their casino accounts. 

What is problem gambling?

Problem gambling or compulsive gambling is a gambling disorder where players constantly get an uncontrollable urge to continue gambling despite the toll it takes on the personal, financial, physical, mental, and emotional aspects of their lives. 

Do casinos, lotteries, and other types of gambling cause problem gambling?

Yes, all types of gambling, including casinos and lotteries, cause problem gambling behavior.

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