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Man City hopes to get to the semifinals by defeating Madrid again

Man City and Real Madrid made it to the quarterfinals. Now is a chance for either of them to advance to the next round, the semis. Real Madrid faces a fierce contest as it has barely won a game against Man City in the last seven times they have met. The Champions League is certainly heating up, with both City and Madrid gearing up for an event that fans will take home as an experience.

In their last 7 meets, teams have bagged a total of 29 goals, with every event seeing a minimum of 3 goals being scored. It even averages to ~4 goals per football match. Manchester City have been victorious in 4 of those meetings, drawing two events, and losing only once. Real Madrid, at Etihad Stadium, has a chance to write a new historic chapter in the Champions League’s books. The question is whether Man City will let that happen—that is, if they will let the win slip by them so easily.

Notably, Man City has been unbeaten in the last 31 Champions League matches that have been played on domestic soil. With the exception of two draws, they emerged victorious in the remaining 29 matches. Their eleven home games have seen them score more than 40 goals on the board. Such a performance has made it pitch-perfect for football betting sites to lay down their predictions.

At the heart of this is City’s -154 three-way victory over Madrid’s +375. Their numbers are consistent, but fluctuations are more visible for Madrid. They have their odds in the range of +400 and +340.

Real Madrid and Man City have played the first leg of the quarterfinals. It was a pretty site for fans on both sides. The 3-3 goal draw, however, bagged major criticism when an opener for Madrid was secured with an OG by Ruben Dias. This occurred during a counterattack following Bernando’s goal in the first two minutes of the game.

The next two minutes brought another point to the board when Rodrygo did not hesitate to take a 2-1 lead. Man City had the winning edge by the end of the 71st minute. But Madrid had some life left in the game, for they went on to equalize in the 79th minute.

The second leg will simultaneously host a football game between Bayern and Arsenal. Interestingly, their first leg was also a draw of 2 goals each.

Dortmund and Atletico Madrid have already appeared for the second installment. Dortmund took home a 4-2 win against Atletico. PSG advanced with a 4-1 final tally against Barcelona, with the latter securing a red card in the first half of the game.

The Champions League is inching closer to its conclusion as it gets one worthy team to lift the title. Nevertheless, what happens between Man City and Real Madrid will certainly be at its peak in the tournament.

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