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King Kaka Is Now the Global Ambassador for

2009 witnessed something that the world was not ready for. When the article follows, many may argue that the world is still not ready for it. Cryptocurrency exploded, with Bitcoin leading the charge. Experts cited quotes to highlight that the project would be a failure.

Nearly 13 years later, Cryptocurrency has not only succeeded in creating its own digital space but has also become a household name for traders and non-traders alike. As the acceptance and regulations continue to grow for the digital currency, an update has broken the internet to ignite the spark again within the community.

King Kaka x

Elon Musk is considered to be the face of every technological advancement. Mark Zuckerberg is an unofficial torch-bearer of stepping up the game through social media.

On a similar track, King Kaka is the personality that carries the entire music industry on his shoulder like a boss. His engagement in online gambling is well-known, and now that he is endorsing, the industry is only gearing up for a large turnout of the audience.

King Kaka and legally put their collaboration on paper in January 2022. Since then, it has turned out to be a huge move for the Crypto-based sports & eSports betting leader.

The collaboration between the two is to build relationships and spread awareness in the African market. It is believed that King Kaka’s influential power will help achieve this.

Both partners have started working on their upcoming campaign to gain the attention of the African market.

Their campaigns will revolve around offering huge benefits to the users. Experiences that money can’t buy will also be up for grabs. The list, as of now, includes exclusive, time-limited promotions, box-level viewing, and special invites to Bombay Club. does benefit from this partnership. King Kaka also derives advantages from his collaboration with the platform. It is estimated that he will gain more fans and an opportunity to expand his music to punters and players on the website.

King Kaka as the global ambassador for, matters even though the popular review speaks volumes about the platform. It is all about the image of being creative and doing something different that King Kaka brings to the table, making him the perfect fit.

His background is equally impressive. Born on May 07, 1987, as Kennedy Ombima, he later adopted a stage name to represent his persona. King Kaka is a graduate of KCA University with a bachelor’s in Accountancy.

The professional timeline of King Kaka started with him becoming a lecturer at the University of Zetech. He soon left that position to move into music full-time.

In addition to being a Kenyan rapper, King Kaka is also an entrepreneur with Kaka Empire, a popular record label. He founded The King Kaka Foundation with the belief of giving back to society.

Pulse Music Video Awards awarded King Kaka with the Male Video of the Year Award and Viewer’s Choice of the Year Award in 2018.

All and all, the collaboration looks strong with a lot of time on their hands to achieve the goal.

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