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PUBG Mobile brings a new point system ahead of its 2023 eSports tournament

PUBG Mobile will enter the 2023 eSports tournament with a sign that teams must go for the kill in order to secure a single point. What makes this interesting is the introduction of a new point system where one kill still gets one point, and the top-ranked team earns 10 points against 15 according to the previously effective point system.

The 2022 season has concluded, and preparations for the next season are underway. Teams familiar with the competitive environment may better want to draft new strategies if they want to top the charts for the maximum points. Gameplay can be expected to have a faster pace, along with some aggression.

Tencent and Kafton are yet to reveal the schedule; however, details about which team gets how many points have been published already. Here is how the point distribution for the PUBG Mobile tournament looks now:

Place 2023 Point System
First 10
Second 6
Third 5
Fourth 4
Fifth 3
Sixth 2
Seventh and Eighth 1
Ninth to Sixteenth 0

How different this point system is from the earlier version can be seen below:

Place 2022 Point System
First 15
Second 12
Third 10
Fourth 8
Fifth 6
Sixth 4
Seventh 2
Eighth to Twelfth 1
Thirteenth to Sixteenth 0

Points have been reduced, and teams at and above the 8th position secure at least one point as per the revised points system.

This is not the first time that PUBG has undergone revision in its points system. Back in 2018, the first-placed team would be rewarded 500 points, and teams in the 2nd position would earn 365 points. Every kill had 15/20 points in that version of the tournament. This point system was followed by the set which allocated 30 and 20 points to the top two teams, respectively. The 15-points system was then brought in mid-2020 when PMPL S2 was being conducted.

What PUBG Mobile has got now has been with its PC edition for some time now. Yes, the current point system has been with the PUBG PC edition before it was brought to PUBG Mobile. The goal is to increase the aggressiveness on the mobile edition and encourage players to go for the kill from the beginning of the game.

This signals that there could be less reliance on positioning and effective rotations. The community has hailed the update by calling it a positive change, with a difference noted by those teams which like to engage in passive gameplay and pick kills at later stages. There could be more drawbacks to it, but they will only be felt once the tournament commences. Until then, fans can expect excitement on their screens while betting on esports

Tencent has prioritized the killing strategy for aggressiveness. It is now up to the teams to perform and deliver the result to secure the maximum points.

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