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2024 NBA playoffs set: Full schedule and TV info announced!

The NBA playoffs are rapidly approaching, and the conclusion of the postseason brackets creates an intriguing championship race. The Oklahoma City Thunder ascended to the top position on the final day of the Western Conference regular season, while the Phoenix Suns secured the No. 6 seed by defeating the New Orleans Pelicans. The New York Knicks advanced to the final place in the Eastern Conference by scoring in extra time, surpassing the Chicago Bulls. The Milwaukee Bucks, the No. 2 seed, descended to the No. 4 seed following an unexpected loss to the Orlando Magic.

The playoff schedule commences on Tuesday, April 16, with the Play-In Tournament, and concludes on Friday, April 19. An increasing number of teams, including the Lakers, 76ers, Warriors, and Heat, are participating in the Play-In this year, thereby heightening the tension. The No. 7 seed faces the renowned top-seeded team, the 8th seed, in the playoff-in series. The No. 9 seed is sealed up with the No. 10 seed in each conference. By securing the 7-8 placeholders, they will attain the top position. 7 seeds will face off against the losers, who will also be given an additional opportunity to face the victors of the 9-10 games and the coveted No.8 positions.

This year’s Play-In tournament has been complicated by a scheduling complication that places Western Conference contests on Tuesday and Eastern Conference events on Wednesday. This change took place as a result of the venue being shared by the Philadelphia 76ers and the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers.

The first round of the playoffs guarantees fiery matchups, as confirmed pairings are between the Timberwolves vs. Suns, Clippers vs. Mavericks, and Bucks vs. Pacers, with the Cavaliers vs. Magic on the bubble. For those fans who want to immerse themselves, visiting the best NBA betting sites may perk up their viewing experience, making it more interesting with some friendly bets on these exciting games. These encounters will be governed by regulations regarding time and television broadcasting. Soon, the complete schedule will be made public. Each postseason game will be broadcast on Fubo in addition to ABC, ESPN, and NBA TV.

The playoffs commence on Saturday, April 20, featuring a number of Game 1. Among these is one in which the New York Knicks face an undetermined East No. 8 seed to open their playoff run.7 seed. On Sunday, April 21, the first round will continue with games that have the potential to settle several series’ outcomes, including the Celtics’ matchup with the Thunder and the West No. 8 seed, and the East No. 8 seed against the Thunder.

The conference finals will commence on May 19-22, while the second round of the semifinals will commence from May 4-7. Should the championship contest reach its pinnacle, Game 1 of the NBA Finals is slated to take place on June 6, while Game 7, in the event of necessity, is scheduled for June 23.

The NBA championship is poised to be an engrossing and unpredictable contest as teams from across the league strive to attain the title of champions in basketball, as recognized by the established playoff format.

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