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FIFA World Cup 2022: Ghana defeats South Korea with a score of 3-2

Salisu and Kudus of Ghana scored back-to-back goals in the opening, toughening South Korea’s smile. FIFA fans at Education City Stadium witnessed a remarkable defensive effort by the South Korean team, but they were unable to prevent Ghana’s Kudus from scoring a second time in the second half.

Jo from South Korea gave a stellar performance, just like Kudus from Ghana. Jo managed to score two goals in the second half. Ghana held 37% of the possession, while South Korea held 63%. Shots from South Korea at the end of the match stood at 22, while Ghana made only 7. In this match, fouls could not be avoided as South Korea received 13 while Ghana was not far behind with 9. Fortunately, there were only two yellow cards shown to each squad and no red ones.

Ghana rose to the second position in Group H, while South Korea sank to the bottom. Despite their best efforts on the pitch, South Korea was unable to score any goals in the last few minutes. The South Korean team could not take advantage of a heading opportunity close to the goalpost. The lagging team fell short in terms of execution.

After the 90-minute allotted time had passed, an additional 10 minutes were added. As many FIFA betting sites predicted South Korea might tie the game with one more goal, the fans and the media were on edge over the game. However, Ghana was in top form and did not allow the South Korean team any opportunities.

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