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FIFA WWC 2023: England and Australia gear up for the Semis

The Semi-Final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 has started. Spain beat Sweden 2-1 to qualify for the finals that will happen on August 20, 2023. The next Semis will be played between Australia and England. This does give a vibe of the Ashes 2023, but the Football game is different. It will be hosts vs. visitors, something that always excites fans across the world. The second semi-final of the global tournament will happen on August 16, 2023, at Stadium Australia.

England will enter the field as the favorite team to bag victory against the hosts. There are chances that the total goal could be over or under 2.5 per different sportsbook. England stands at the money line of +133, while the Aussies have +229 against their name on the register. England beat Colombia 2-1. The Aussies had a more challenging time beating France. The game went goalless throughout the run. It was only the penalty shootout that gave the verdict in favor of Australia.

While there is a favorite team already, it will be against everyone’s smartness to underestimate the capabilities of Australia. The final score could touch 2-1 in their favor. Or, both sides remain for a single net to take the Football game to the penalty shootout.

What motivates this idea is the momentum that the Australian team is bringing from the Quarter-Finals. Betting sites for FIFA are also inclined to the side for the same reason. Their odds may differ, but the chances of the gameplay being shaken up are highly immense.

England is likely to rely on Lauren James, for she has three goals to her name. Similarly, Australia will look at Hayley Raso right from the first kickoff. Interestingly, neither of them features on the list of top scorers at the moment. Lauren James does have her name in the list of assists with 3. Caitlin Foord is lagging behind by only one assist.

Only one team will make it to the final round. The losing team will have to compete for third place against Sweden.

England beat Colombia to register yet another consecutive victory. They are all clear with their losses, which are none till now. Australia did top the group; however, that happened with one loss which was versus Nigeria.

It was a difficult job to kick France out, considering the Aussies were not favorites in that game. The situation is more or less the same when meeting England. The quarter-Finals for them went to the penalty shootout, where the hosts were able to dominate by 7-6 goals in their favor.

Everyone in the 80,000-capacity arena is confident that they will be on the edge of their seats throughout the run. England and Australia FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 action commences soon. England is the favorite, but Australia still has the capability of shaking things up for the qualification.

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