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Football Premier League Takes Teams to a Mixed Start

As the Premier League Season arrives, fixtures begin giving an idea about what to expect this year. There will be a break due to the World Cup, but both parts will feature excitement equally.

Manchester City has begun on a tricky start as it goes against West Ham under David Moyes’s leadership. The fight is to finish good in ranking with more weightage by West Ham. Other teams are also gearing up for their individual goal, even though the ultimate aim remains to bring the trophy home.

Liverpool will go against Fulham to start their attempt to reclaim the title by the end of the premier league. Fulham has been newly promoted, filling it with coming-to-age energy of proving its worth.

Manchester United has welcomed Erik ten Hag, who is set to go against Brighton on the home ground. The advantage is that United has a scope of giving a welcome gift to Erik.

Prices of Manchester City, Liverpool, and Manchester United for making through the league are 4/7, 2/1, and 25/1, respectively. Manchester United has a mammoth task to break its duck series, which kickstarted 10 years ago. Games will be played on home grounds and away.

Manchester City has been fixed to play Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, and Crystal Palace on the home ground. The tour for the same will be against West Ham and Newcastle, and fixtures are the same in statistics for all the teams.

Three home games are scheduled for Liverpool, where it will get on its feet to play Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, and Newcastle. Away games will be against Fulham and Manchester United.

Liverpool and Manchester United are expected to have a larger audience than in other games. Both are competing for the final spot with a history of tough challenges against each other in their baggage.

Erik Ten Hag takes Manchester United against Brighton on an opening day before facing Liverpool at Old Trafford. Manchester United will end its campaign with a home game against Fulham. Chelsea is set to reunite with Frank Lampard by traveling to Everton; however, the campaign will open at Selhurst Park.

Newcastle would be going against the experience of 23 years that Nottingham Forest has in its management. Their ambitions to finish the league will be tested right from the start. Breaking the campaign with a favorable result will set the line for the remaining football matches and this maigh affect the football sports betting industry. Get more details about the top football odds and betting markets and start placing your bets to win huge rewards.

Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest open the month with a trip to Liverpool and Manchester City. Meanwhile, Aston Villa is set to begin the league with Arsenal and Wolves before both drive to the south coast.

The Premier League will break into two parts, with the World Cup happening in November and December. Sixteen games would be played for the first half, with the second half resuming on the traditional Boxing Day round of games.

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