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Hornets Forward Miles Bridges Faces 3 Domestic Violence Allegations

The Hornets Forward has recently been faced with three domestic violence charges. The Hornets forward has been accused of assaulting Mychelle Johnson in front of their kids.

The news came directly from the Los Angeles County district, shaking the entire sports industry. George Gascon, the district attorney, stated that the player faces two felonies for child abuse and one felony for assaulting the kid’s parent.

The conditions and circumstances around the situation are believed to be severe enough to cause heavy bodily damage or even death. As highlighted by local sports news, the player is set to be arraigned on 20th July after being arrested on 29th June by LA police.

Soon after the arrest, Miles got out at the cost of a 130,000 bond. Rich Paul, Bridges’ agent, has not released any official statement about the case. However, the Hornets were quick to address the situation.

The team released an official tweet expressing how everyone is aware of the charges against their forward. Given the seriousness of the charges, the team will constantly overview the case. Since it is a legal issue, the team refused to shed any more light on the concern.

The incident occurred on 1st July when Mychelle turned to Instagram, posting multiple pictures of a medical report and injuries. The pics read assault by strangulation, abuse by the male partner, multiple bruises, fracture on the nasal bone, concussion, and straining in the neck muscle.

The 6’7 inch giant has been an excellent addition for the Hornets over the years. The player was the team’s leading scorer, with an average of 20.2 points and seven rebounds. He was one of the top ranked player to place bet on in some of the best NBA betting sites.

The Hornets even extended the forward’s offer to avoid any clash. However, the team had stated that it was done before the player was arrested.

Now that things have gone to this extent, the player is sure to have a tough road in the coming time.

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