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Murray and Tsitsipas to resume the second match on Friday

Wimbledon will see two greats – Tsitsipas and Murray – return to the court for the second time on Friday. The first time they contested saw Murray gain the lead by 2 sets. Both were asked to break the match due to the 11 pm curfew rule. At the time of drafting this article, Murray is leading Tsitsipas with 6-7, 7-6, and 6-4.

Murray first won the title in 2013, followed by another title in 2016. He has two Wimbledon titles to his name already and refuses to back down without claiming it for the third time. The 2 hours 52 minutes long match assumed that the British tennis player would take a leave from Center Court with a loss. This is from the second round.

Tables turned when he decided to give a befitting response with the gameplay in the second set. There was a concern related to his injury when Murray slipped and almost shouted out of pain. It felt smooth when he got up to return to the battle arena.

Tsitsipas has 8 aces as of now, with 72 service points won. Andy Murray, on the other hand, has 11 aces for 82 service points. Tsitsipas is ranked in 5th position across the world. That should not have, but that came as a pressure to prove his worth. Center Court witnesses the fight for survival from Tsitsipas, the Greek champ, as Murray aligned his focus on grabbing the victory for further advancement.

As for the psychological aspect, the crowd’s cheer has to be credited for the 2-set lead as Andy played like he used to in the old days. His movements were unpredictable and so was the odds on many tennis betting sites. A result of his work after undergoing hip surgery in January 2019.

Andy managed to keep his emotions in control. The match is on, Tsitsipas is not going without a win, and neither is the two-time winner. Tsitsipas had the upper hand only in the first set. This will pose a limitation to his motivation. A lot of momentum has been housed under the skills of Murray against 20 unreturned serves hit by his opponent.

Murray now needs just one more set to go to the third round. The 24-years old Greek champion is in trouble for an elimination.

What makes it obvious that Murray is in control is his reaction when the match is suspended. He direly needed it to continue and go on before hitting the bed for sleep. One positive that he can try to take from the suspension is the receipt of the window to recover from the minor injury and compose his mind for the final cheer in the second round.

Andy Murray comes from a clean victory over Peniston with the final tally of 6-3, 6-0, and 6-1. Tsitsipas had to struggle against Thiem. That, too, was a close call ending with Tsitsipas finally pocketing three sets versus two sets to his name.

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