In-Person Gamblers Give US Casino Industry Its Best Year Ever

According to figures provided on Tuesday by the American Gaming Association, the casino sector’s National Trade Association, America’s casinos had their most fabulous second quarter ever, with $13.6 billion in revenue.

The research also reveals that, despite frequent casino closures and limitations that lasted even after they resumed, the business has virtually equaled all of the income generated by US casinos in 2020.

The big question is whether a new, more infectious version of COVID-19 will slow down a business that is currently profitable at an all-time high.

The year 2021 will be the most exemplary in casino history in the United States. 2019 ($43.6 billion) is on course to be the highest-grossing year in gaming history. The initial six months of the present year saw a win of about $25 billion.

The president and CEO of the association, Bill Miller, stated, “These first-half achievements are exceptional.”

While COVID-19 is still in the rearview mirror, I am optimistic that we will build the industry’s entire recovery on a strong foundation created by the industry’s record first half of 2021.

The virus’s more infectious delta form, which began to deteriorate towards the end of the second quarter, currently accounts for most new cases in the US.

“We’ve had a hiccup with the Delta variety and certain vaccine problems, but I believe we’ll be able to overcome it,” he added. “As an industry, we’ve put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that both our staff and our customers are secure.

He said, “We keep listening about where our government officials tell us what we’re doing.”

About two and a half weeks earlier, I was in Las Vegas to attend a handful of different trade fairs. You decided not to wear masks if you were vaccinated at the time. The advice has shifted. There’s a chance the guideline will alter a few more times.

Many gamblers are glad to attend casinos in person now after enduring pandemic-related shutdowns. According to the organization, casinos are open without capacity limitations in all 25 states that already operate commercial casinos (those not run by Indian tribes).

Twenty-two of those states experienced a rise in gambling income in the second quarter of 2019 compared to the second quarter of 2018, discounting the comparison from the previous year, which was distorted by months of shutdown. And 19 of the 25 states have already eclipsed their 2018 totals.

When traditional casinos were closed last year, sports gambling and internet betting helped keep the casino business afloat. This year, though, it is in-person gambling that is driving the industry’s comeback.

According to the AGA, this is due to the relaxation of COVID-related limitations and pent-up consumer demand.

Due to a calmer sports calendar, second-quarter sports gambling revenue fell 8% to $889 million from the previous quarter.

The second quarter of 2021 was also good for internet gambling revenue, with a new quarterly high of $901 million, up 15% from the first quarter.

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