U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance unite

U.S. Integrity and Odds on Compliance are ecstatic to announce in an official statement that they have joined forces to address global compliance and integrity issues. In accordance with the established regulations, both organizations are held in high regard in the fields of sports betting and gambling. This collaborative effort will be the first of its kind.

As far as U.S. Integrity is concerned, it is a technology-driven sports betting monitoring company that provides comprehensive protection against various types of betting fraud. Odds on Compliance is an industry-leading technology and advisory firm. It specializes in sports betting, iGaming, and compliance with gambling regulations throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America. Through this consolidation, a hub of expertise, innovation, and comprehensive answers will arise for the benefit of betting operators and sports organizations in terms of sports betting and compliance with gambling regulations.

According to the CEO of U.S. Integrity, Matt Holt, it was the need of the hour for U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance to come together to improve the sports betting and gambling compliance arena. Now, Holt will hold the position of CEO of the joint venture.

Towards the beginning of 2023, the two firms joined to create ProhiBet. This being the first time the industry was introduced to a prohibited betting solution, it provided a safe and clear way for sports properties and sportsbook operators to ascertain that athletes, coaches, and concerned officials adhere to the strict guidelines laid down. ProhiBet was introduced on September 1 and has gained popularity amongst sports properties and operators like BIG12, UFC, ACC, and others who have registered themselves.

According to Eric Frank, CEO of Odds On Compliance, the association speaks volumes about their commitment to guide the industry through the complexities of the constantly changing regulatory features. According to him, they are now in a position to offer a comprehensive range of technology products and services related to compliance and integrity. Frank will soon become the President of the merged company.

Clients will come in for access to further territory, along with continuous innovation and custom-made solutions that will help boost sustainability. The collaboration will officially come through once shareholder and regulatory consent are received.

According to the latest gambling news, U.S. Integrity has its offices in Las Vegas and New York. The company is into technology-oriented sports betting and tracking. It offers the very best in terms of safeguarding with regard to betting-related fraudulent activities. The company aims to further the legalized sports betting arena via solutions that ensure factors of sports betting integrity remain in place. The company has the backing of investors like Las Vegas Sands, SeventySix Capital, and others. U.S. Integrity is associated with most of the biggest professional sports companies, legalized sports betting operators, and regulators.

Odds On Compliance is an international technology and advisory company, with specialties in sports betting, iGaming, and gambling compliance, along with regulatory infrastructure. The company offers various products and services that assist clients in maneuvering their way through the various regulatory requirements. The company has investors like SeventySix Capital and Tekkorp Capital.

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