Alabama Senate redistricting federal case revives gaming, lottery worries

The senators are worried that the redistricting of Alabama’s districts will have far-reaching effects on the gaming and lottery industries.

In 2023, Alabama’s congressional remapping garnered significant attention after the Supreme Court ruled that the state legislature’s restructuring leaned towards racial re-engineering in accordance with the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Yet, there has been a lack of focus on a similar issue that exists in the federal court with regards to a remapping of the Alabama State Senate Districts in Montgomery, as well as Huntsville. 

Regarding the litigation, it is slated for sometime in the middle of November and will not affect the supportive balance in the State Senate, where the Republicans have a majority. 

However, the question of whether the remapping of the Senate will provide the political class with the opportunity to cast another vote on the lottery and gambling in the following year remains relevant when considering the single vote aspect of a gambling factor that was unable to be furthered within the State Senate.

According to Deuel Ross, Deputy Director of Litigation at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, there are still chances for special elections following the trial related to restructured Senate districts, but only in the next year.

At the moment, Senators seem to be apprehensive regarding the possibility of a federal judge giving his consent to the restructuring, which will then lead to the changing face of the lottery and gambling space, even via a sole vote. 

Moreover, and as per the law-making authorities, certain aspects remain unclear, like the initiation of special elections in the case of a federal judge actually giving instructions regarding the remapping of the Senate. In that scenario, further appeals will definitely follow. The case of a re-election will remain a controversial matter.

Edna Boykin

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