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Jamal Adams Leaves Seahawks Mid-Field Due to Knee Injury

The Seattle Seahawks went face to face with the Denver Broncos to win the game by 17-16, only to lose Jamal Adams in the second quarter. Jamal Adams sustained a knee injury while tackling the Quarterback – Russell Wilson – just before halftime.

As per the top sports news, Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seahawks, believes that the injury is serious as it is at the quadriceps tendon. There is currently no timeline available to judge when Adams will be back on the field to provide strong safety.

Adams fell, spinning on the ground, and yelled out of pain. He was immediately taken to the medical tent, followed by a ride on the cart towards the locker room. Adams was seen struggling to put weight on the left leg, limping while trying to move and take a walk.

Statistics and odds on online NFL betting sites have reshaped since the news broke out, with bettors calculating their chances before putting their money on the side. The last quarters made it obvious that Adams is critical for a winning score unless the Seahawks circumvent his absence.

Josh Jones took over with the Seahawks unable to capitalize on the replacement. The team scored until the second quarter, after which only a couple of zeroes appeared on the board. The Broncos attempted to regain the momentum with three in the fourth quarter, still falling short by one point to win the game.

The Seahawks set the tone in the first and second quarters by scoring 7 and 10 in each quarter, respectively. The Broncos responded with a 3 in the first and an equal 10 in the second.

Jamal Adams proved to be an important key in placing the team ahead of its opponent. Adams making a quick comeback will ensure a safer win over the Falcons. The team cannot be underestimated as it will go to lengths in preparing the replacement and others for a good score. Jamal Adams was included in the squad in 2020 through a trade-off with the New York Jets.

It costs the team a four-year deal worth $70 million, along with their two first-round picks who were sent to the New York Jets.

Despite making Adams the highest-paid player in the position, he could not appear in a total of nine games since being included on the side. Injuries affected his play for over two seasons, starting with four in 2020, when a groin injury and shoulder injury limited his field presence.

The 2021 season came to an early halt for him after he underwent shoulder surgery after Week 13. In the most recent incident, Jamal Adams caught a broken finger during training camp.

Setbacks have kept him mostly off the field, taking a toll on the overall performance that awaits his comeback for a softer victory launch.

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