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Most Popular Casino Games in Ireland 2020

Online casinos in Ireland have enjoyed a stellar year, but which games are the most popular?

More and more people are signing up to online casino sites in order to play classic games and modern alternatives, hoping they get lucky enough to record a big win.

Some casino games are all about luck while others involve some skill, so there is a wide range of choices available for people joining such sites.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular casino games in Ireland in 2020.


Online poker is enjoying another boom in popularity in 2020 due to the difficulties of hosting in-person tournaments as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Poker is arguably the ultimate casino game due to the fact it takes so long to master. But even a newcomer can win some pots if they get lucky with the turn of the cards on the table.

A variety of online casinos in Ireland have poker rooms with tournaments available to join, from big-money events to smaller cash tables that might appeal more to beginners.

Video poker is also a good option for those who want to try out something new at their favorite online casino.

Various types of video poker games are offered at online casinos, so players can test out a range of them and decide which they like the most.


One of the undoubted casino classics, many people love to have a bet at the blackjack table.

The simplicity of blackjack masks just how satisfying it can be to beat the dealer and get one over on the house.

A relatively new development for blackjack fans has been the rise of the live casino option.

Many online casinos in Ireland now offer this, with a human dealer on hand to lead players through a few hands of blackjack.

Among the benefits of playing live blackjack games at the online casino are that it feels more real, plus it is a social experience as players can chat to the dealer and their counterparts.


Anyone who has any experience at all with casino games will know about roulette.

Probably the easiest game for a betting newcomer to pick up and play, roulette could hardly be easier as it is just guessing what number will come up on the wheel.

People have tried out various roulette strategies over the years, but, like with other casino games, there is never any way to guarantee winning in the long term.

The house edge on roulette games at online casinos can vary by a lot depending on the type of game selected. For example, if a roulette wheel has more than one green space for zero, this bumps up the house edge to a level where most players would consider the poor game value.


Although baccarat is usually considered a game that is mostly played at casinos in Asia, its popularity is rising around Europe – including in Ireland.

The very low house edge of online baccarat games is one of the reasons why this is the case.

Betting on the dealer – sometimes known as the banker – offers a house edge of just over one percent. Betting on the player’s hand to win is not much larger either, so the two main betting options in online baccarat games offer very good value.

On the flip side, the tie bet in online baccarat games has a high house edge, and it is recommended to avoid this option as a result.

Live casino games

As we mentioned earlier, live blackjack games are rising in popularity at the online casino.

But blackjack is far from the only game that is offered on live casino sites, with roulette and baccarat among the other casino classics that can be played on them.

Additionally, leading software providers in the industry keep coming up with new live casino games for people to play online.

It is now possible to play live online casino games based on Monopoly and the popular TV game show Deal or No Deal, for example.

The live casino is expected to become more important for both players and online casino operators in the future.

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