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Ohio to discontinue prop wagers on college sports

Ohio has decided to eliminate prop wagering on college sports following extensive consultations concerning the protection of the interests of student-athletes. The entire support of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and NCCA President Charlie Baker is being extended in support of the introduction of amendments to the state’s sports wagering policies.

An appeal was submitted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) in an effort to prohibit proposition wagers that are payer-oriented on collegiate athletics championships. This will additionally aid in mitigating the escalating prevalence of social media threats directed at collegiate athletes.

Governor DeWine emphasizes the importance of protecting student-athletes from unwanted dangers and encourages a greater propensity for team-based wagering as opposed to wagering on individual players.

Baker expressed a similar viewpoint, contending that prop wagers undermine the fundamental integrity of collegiate tournaments.

As per the proposed amendments, prop wagering on the capabilities of participants will be strictly prohibited. Wagering will be permitted on the team’s performance and surrounding factors. Professionals would not be subject to these limitations.

This is supported by numerous stakeholders, including Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith and University of Dayton Vice President Neil Sullivan.

The NCAA, for its part, has initiated several initiatives to combat sports betting, including raising athlete awareness and closely monitoring online activities, including online sports betting sites, to identify potential threat areas and devise effective countermeasures. However, small mistakes will not incur any monetary penalties.

During this period, sports betting establishments will have the opportunity to present their perspectives on the recommendations to the Ohio Casino Control Commission, which will duly consider them. A draft of an amendment will succeed this and will ultimately constitute a substantial portion of the regulations concerning sports wagering at the collegiate level.

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