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IGT PlaySports forms an exclusive partnership with BetSkybox

The International Game Technology (IGT) happens to be increasing its presence in Ohio through the signing of an agreement made out between BetSkybox and its highly advanced IGT PlaySports technology. The fundamentals of the understanding state that BetSkybox will be responsible for the positioning of IGT’s PlaySports QuickBet kiosks in all of the licensed bars and restaurants that happen to exist in the state of Ohio. 

According to the President of Skybox Sports Network, BetSkybox, Ron Frederickson, the agreement signed will indeed prove to be extremely beneficial for them. Through this, all of their licensed associates will receive the opportunity of the PlaySports’ self-service betting solutions which, in turn, will be passed on to the hordes of sports fans in the entire state of Ohio. In his opinion, this is seemingly an absolute win-win situation for all concerned. 

IGT President of Sports Betting, Joe Asher said that Joe Asher, IGT President of Sports Betting, said that their partnership with BetSkybox has opened the doors for sports lovers all over Ohio. Thus providing access to the premium betting experiences while watching games from their convenient place. He added that the simple and intuitive nature of IGT’s PlaySports kiosks would ensure responsible bets are placed on their favorite sports teams.

In this situation, they will be able to place their bets from any of the outlets they may be visiting. At the present moment in time, IGT PlaySports happens to have been successfully positioned in over 80 gaming venues all through the U.S. as well as Canada.

Where IGT is concerned, it is undoubtedly the absolute leader in gaming globally. They are involved in offering fascinating gaming exposure through lotteries and gaming machines, right down to sports betting, as well as digital on various sports betting sites.

With the best of technology and an ever-inspiring team, they are actually able to live up to more than the general expectations of gamers. At the present point in time, they are known to be having approximately 10,500 team members under their wing, which by itself, happens to speak volumes about them. 

The case of Skybox Sports Network Inc., which runs the BetSkybox segment, possesses a conditional Type C Proprietor Sports Gaming License issued by the Ohio Lottery and Ohio Casino Control Commission. On its part, the entity will be involved in the positioning of sports betting kiosks all over the state of Ohio. It happens to be stationed in Las Vegas and has been instrumental in the deliverance of its new Networks Operating Centre (NOC).   

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