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Phillies charge 7 homers for a 2-1 lead against the Astros

The Phillies and the Astros met in Game 3 of the World Series. The beginning favored the Phillies, with momentum being carried till the end for a 7-0 victory and a 2-1 lead. All the points on the table came from homers, with five players shining under the spotlight.

Brandon Marsh, Bryce Harper, Rhys Hoskins, Alec Bohm, and Kyle Schwarber took the game deep. They were hugely, and surprisingly, supported by their opponent’s offense. The Astros went nil for a single extra-base hit.

Bryce Harper took the first shot and led the charge against the Astros. Two points came in during the first and second innings each. The gift inning went a step ahead by registering 3 homers for the Phillies, who lost their previous game.

The victory of the Phillies over the Astros first came in Game 1, but it was a close encounter. The final table read 5-6 in their favor. The Astros were in a better position during Game 2 as they were 5-2 against the Phillies. A 7-0 victory will give the team confidence for Game 4. It could set a tone for the remaining 3 games after Game 4.

McCullers witnessed a postseason record of giving away 5 home runs.McCullers did everything he could to fool the line-up but in vain. An early pull could have saved at least 2 home runs. Considering that the Astros could not put up a single point on the table, saving those 2 home runs would have hardly helped them advance in the event.

The Phillies are looking to take another victory before leaving for Houston. Aaron Nola is making a comeback. Any change within the team is likely to affect the odds on baseball betting sites. Bringing an out-of-form player in the crucial game will affect the chances of further moving ahead in the series. If the Phillies lose Game 4, the table will balance, and the Astros could go on to redeem their losses.

McCullers could have performed better by not refusing to throw his fastball. The Phillies were soon able to pick the hint of what was happening with everything going against the Astros in the following innings. The initial hits were demotivating factors, making it difficult to bounce back. Facing the top order for the third time was no favor either. A rest could have given him time to rethink the strategy. Game 4 is only a few hours, with the Phillies ready to take the series away in their favor.

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