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Blacklist International defeats Talon Esports to extend its SEA DPC winning run

Southeast Asia is currently hosting the second week of the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit, also known as SEA DPC. The event has now seen Blacklist International win yet another match to top Division 1 after defeating Talon Esports in a nail-biting event. It ultimately delivered a 2-1 victory for Blacklist International, which will next face Execration on January 20, 2023.

Talon Esports needed to win this event in order to confirm a slot at the Lima Major. That now appears to be on the side of Blacklist International.

A total of 3 games were played, with Blacklist International having a lower chance of winning the evening despite coming off consecutive victories. The first game itself made it obvious that Talon Esports is not leaving without a win. A loss and that would have been a blow. However, that did happen, and Talon Esports now faces a chance to get eliminated from the tournament.

Blacklist International drafted a strategy to go offensive in the first game. It worked for a while, as Raven and Kuku were doing their jobs of picking the heroes from the other side. When Talon Esports witnessed 23savage go on a killing spree using their Haunt ability, things changed, or rather the table turned.

The game lasted for 41 minutes, after which Talon Esports emerged victorious. With two more rounds left, it was up to Blacklist International to find their way back.

Talon retained 23savage based on their performance in the previous game, while Blacklist modified the setting by getting Lifestealer, Broodmother, and Ember Spirit. Moreover, Blacklist changed the strategy from offensive to aggressive right from the beginning. It helped them dominate the majority of the map, forcing the opponents to get into offensive mode.

Lifestealer and Karl were crucial in ensuring that Blacklist remained at the top of the round at all times. There was a question about the third round, but registering a win in the second round was more crucial to equalizing everything. Talon could only take one tower because Blacklist kept killing it for 37 minutes straight.

Jumping to the third round, it was everything or nothing since both teams were tied and due to this the wagering odds also pared high on many top eSports betting sites.

Instead of 23 Savage and Mikoto, Talon brought Doom and Pangolier. Blacklist, on the other hand, was interested in Lina’s comeback.

The final round began with both teams having an equal edge over the other. Blacklist claimed an upper hand during the middle session. TIMS, Primal Beast, and Lina gave unforgettable performances against Talon, a side that regained its momentum when the game could not conclude in 60 minutes.

It was only after 1 hour & 7 minutes that Blacklist came out as a winner after having a fight at the Roshan Pit.

Blacklist International is now closer to qualifying for the upcoming major event – Lima Major – as Talon Esports struggles to advance in the tournament.

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