Plex Readying its New Game Subscription Service

The well-known multimedia streaming organization Plex has developed a new service that will enable users to enjoy Video Games on this platform. The newly rolled out service is known by the name Plex Arcade, and the company has launched a dedicated website for it. In terms of the service cost, the subscribers of Plex Pass will get access to the content for $3/month while the non-subscribers will have to pay a little more, i.e., $5/month, to enjoy the services.

Plex allows the users to play Atari games, which is unlike most of its competitors. A huge variety of arcade games are available on the platform, with some significant names such as Missile Command, Super Breakout, and Centipede will be at the center of the attraction. What’s more, games from the collection of Atari 7800 and 2600 will also be part of the package. In sum, users can choose from a total of 27 games available on the new service.

In terms of playing requirements, the Linux platform is not supported by the service. This means you can enjoy the service only on Windows or Mac platforms. You also need to sign up for the Parsec account, although both TVs and android devices are supported for streaming besides chrome, tvOS, and iOS. In other words, one can enjoy playing the games using any controller with Bluetooth capacity.

The company provides a free 7-day trial period, although one has to provide the link for PayPal or submit the detail of using a credit card. It’ll be interesting to witness how prospective gamers will respond to this new service from the house of Plex as many critics are casting doubts about the price point at which these services are being offered. Even at $3/month for subscribers are quite high for the games, which you can access on many other platforms without spending a single penny.

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