Polyient Games Invites Application For Its Upcoming Ecosystem

In an important development, Polyient Games (PG) has announced that applications are open for its upcoming Ecosystem. Called Polyient Games Ecosystem, the application will be accepted on a rolling basis. This opportunity is especially relevant for startups, which aspire to become part of the blockchain ecosystem and have demonstrated product launch history with sharp market acumen. Just so you know, PG is one of the reputable names in the blockchain industry with offerings in the field of non-fungible tokens and gaming.

Finer Details

The upcoming ecosystem will provide a platform for a number of entities belonging to different segments of the blockchain. These include technology and network collaborators, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) startups, and decentralized finance applications developers, among others.

The philosophy behind this initiative is to enable the company to have direct contact with the new breed of innovators and startups in the market. This unique approach allows PG to remain cognizant of the new market trends while having a tab on prospective users’ expectations. Another important aspect behind this startup philosophy is to do away with any hindrance or barriers impeding the expansion potential of NFTs as a digital asset class. Some of the exclusive features that will be available to PG’s Ecosystem partners include dedicated profile page, sales and market support from PG, opportunity to collaborate with other ecosystem members, interoperability, special discount on the services, and access to the high potential customers.

All innovators who will use the PG platform for sales, a 5% revenue sharing model with the PG will be applicable. However, there is no restriction if the sales are made outside the company’s platform, which is a wonderful proposition in every sense of the word. PG is accepting projects from almost all kinds of blockchain networks in order to make the platform holistic and comprehensive. For now, the infrastructure support is provided by Ethereum, but PG is working towards expanding the base of its token support.


PG Ecosystem is a wonderful initiative by the PG. Not only will it help to specifically target segments but also for the overall blockchain industry, this collaborative platform will augment opportunities and inculcate a sense of collaboration among stakeholders. It is very much apparent that growth in the blockchain industry is dependent more on the collaboration rather than outright competition, and this startup is the right step in the right direction.

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