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Solana Hosts Revolutionary Decentralized Casino, Blaidor

Blaidor proudly states that it is different from other players in the online casino industry. There is no doubt among the community members as the platform has proved its worth now. As for the future, it holds a strong stance with the objective of becoming one of the best full-fledged casinos on the Solana network.

Termed the first-ever non-custodial Solana casino, Blaidor allows players to retain the ownership of their respective tokens while playing a game. Additionally, it enables all the players to own a part of the casino and watch their wallets rise with time.

Blaidor, A Revolution

From the technical perspective, Blaidor deploys a randomness system that has been proven for its random functioning. As time progresses, Blaidor will continue to leverage it further and become a full-fledged casino on the Solana network.

A well throughout execution plan has been designed by the team. It starts with migrating all the popular games from the Web2 casino onto the Web3 ecosystem. There is less probability for the procedure to fail as Solana has stood true to its commitment to security and trustlessness to all Web2 apps from its Web3 ecosystem.

Being able to retain the ownership of their respective tokens is another jewel that players hold close to their hearts.

Blaidor is owned by the community. Members stake their digital holdings, $BLD, to fund the casino through its staking mechanism. It is not mandatory for them to play. Players can merely hold $BLD, and they would still be able to contribute to the infrastructure.

Funds that are staked by the owners are utilized to settle the rewards of the winners. What holders of $BLD get in return is the money of those who lose a game in addition to the casino fees.

Also, when someone stakes $BLD, then they earn another digital token called $XBLD. This represents the share of the casino that they own through their staking.

$XBLD gains value once Blaidor begins accruing some gains. They can then be traded for a higher number of $BLD.

Blaidor has decided to make the first move by releasing Roulette on its platform. The game is already available on some of the best Solana casino sites. Blaidor gains preference through its staking mechanism.

Roulette offered by Blaidor gives players an option to choose one of the three payout systems. It generates multipliers of 2 and 14. The round is pun after every 30 seconds.

One of the unique features is that players can view the bets placed by others along with the outcome. Experts are looking at it as an opportunity to perform their analysis, while others are happy to use the feature as a part of a social element.

Through the blog post, Blaidor has hinted that it may integrate a similar social element in all its future games as well.

Blaidor, considering the time it has attempted this move, appears to be in a good position to capture the market of a Solana Casino.

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