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UConn won their 5th NCAA title after defeating the Aztecs

The NCAA National Championship has concluded with two dominant teams battling for the title. UConn and the Aztecs went head-to-head, but ultimately it was UConn who won their 5th title, with the final tally standing at 76-59 in their favor.

The action took place on Monday night at NRG Stadium, where the Huskies did everything in their power to have their names announced as the winners on the final scoreboard. The intentions were pretty clear with the way both teams broke for the first half.

It was seen that the Huskies were leading 36–24 over the Aztecs. They continued the momentum with a lead of 40-35 in the second half. UConn saw Adama Sanogo bring the best of his performance, contributing 17 points from his side. He was complemented by Jordan Hawkins, who had 16 points in total. Tristen Newton stood out with the highest total of 19 points, 4 assists, and 10 rebounds.

San Diego fell short in the final tally but experienced the team coming together to give everything they could.

Keshad Johnson registered 14 points and 4 rebounds with a single assist. Following was a pair of Darrino Trammell and Lamont Butler with 13 points each.

The victory over Gonzaga probably confirmed how strong UConn was going for the title. It was a landslide 82-54 victory where Jordan Hawkins outperformed with 20 points, six rebounds, and an assist. Alex Karaban and Adama Sanogo followed, bringing 12 and 10 points, respectively.

The Huskies were able to stay ahead in both sessions against Gonzaga. They did lose to the Eagles by a thin margin of 70–68. The first half remained a rock-solid tie with 38 points each. The difference got clear when the Eagles inches to 32 over 30 against the Huskies.

Comparing that to the Aztecs, the basketball team was rather performing to win no matter the stage. It did lose to Boise State with a final tally of 66-60 against them; however, what came next was a perfect storm by the Aztecs. Number 5 for a reason, the Aztecs registered clear wins against all the major teams except Atlantic, where it was closer to going back if it were not for the single point scored by them. There was a great scenario at basketball betting sites, where odds were showing a lot of fluctuations.

Matt Bradley stood out with 21 points while Keshad Johson appeared to take a little break with the final score of 3 points. Jaedon LeDee brought 12 points as others came together to take their side to the final.

The Final Four basically had Aztecs competing with Atlantic and UConn locking horns with Miami. While San Diego won by a thin margin, UConn ensured that nothing was coming in the way of reaching the final. The team went on to beat Miami by 72-59.

Meanwhile, LSU has defeated Iowa by 102-85 in the women’s category. Virginia Tech and South Carolina’s luck ran out in the Final Four stage despite putting up a brave fight.

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