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Warriors Defense Pushing Celtics Powerful Attack to Step Up

The Golden State’s game 2 packed everything basketball fans desire. It was intense, physical, and an overall exhilaration to watch. During the game, Draymond Green had a face-off against Jaylen Brown. The momentum caused Green to fall, after which Celtics’ guard kicked the player’s left leg inadvertently.

After both players landed, Green ended up on Brown’s legs, which prompted Brown to push Green away. Brown stood above Green, which led to the player tugging Brown’s shorts. 

Brown commented about the entire scene after the game. The player stated that Green is that kind of a player. Although Brown does not understand what the forward is trying to do, the player is certain that Green will do anything to win. 

Many Warrior fans believe that Green’s tenacity will lead the team towards victory this season. Brown and Green also had a run-in during the NBA Finals, Game 2. To bet on NBA games, click here to get a list of betting sites. 

Warriors argue that their defense runs deeper than Green’s fierce guarding, and it is capable of testing any player without triggering a technical foul. Green also agrees with the sentiment as the player stated everyone was playing with more force.

A quick look through the court would have made it obvious that all players were giving it their all. It is all about challenging the opponent without letting up the guard, added Green.

Warriors believe that their lack of an aggressive mindset during their first game was why they lost to Boston. Losing a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter, including seven unanswered points, was a wake-up call for the team.

The Warriors are currently ranked sixth among the playoff teams, with a defensive rating of 110.8. The team will surely try to up the number if they want to grab the title. The team must support Curry, as the player is showing offensive brilliance this season, for that to happen.

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