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What Are the Main Differences Between Online and Live Gambling?

You usually have three camps when it comes to gamblers: you have those who will dabble with online play, others who swear by it, and others who will never try it. In many cases, those who are closed to the idea have certain prejudices about online gambling that may or may not be warranted.

Suppose you are thinking of making a transition to online gambling through choice or because of a lack of options. In that case, it’s important to understand that it’s very different from traditional gambling in many ways, and you’ll need to adapt. Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between online and live gambling.

The Freedom

The biggest difference between the two options is the freedom online play offers. With online casinos, you can log on at any time of the day, from wherever you are, with an open internet connection.

Notice how we didn’t call this an advantage because it’s not always the case. You will need to evaluate which type of player you are. Are you the impulsive type who often goes on tilt and easily loses control of their betting? If that is you, online gambling might be the best option.

However, if you have the discipline and already have a good foundation as far as bankroll and time management goes, you should be okay. In this case, the freedom and convenience could benefit if you don’t have much time to play and don’t feel like going back and forth to the closest casino.

The truth is that only a small percentage of players have that discipline. Losing money on online casinos can be easy and fast, and you have to use all the tools and strategies you can to keep spending under control. Most reputable casinos will have an option that will allow you to cap the amount of money you can spend, so use it and use it wisely, even if you feel like you have everything down.

The Perks

The way online casinos treat newcomers and regular players are totally different from your traditional casino. When playing online, you’ll notice that casinos will give everything they can to make them more attractive. Online, the small player is king, while they’re largely invisible for the average casino – that’s if they’re not treated like an actual nuisance.

The number of bonuses that you can find is insane, and some could give you a real chance at winning big. If you are looking for a UK online casino with great bonuses, this is a great read. runs down some of the most well-known casinos in the country, along with a rating of each. You’ll learn about things such as the gaming experience, the bonuses offered, and what features they have.

The Options

Another great thing about playing online is the immense number of available options. There are hundreds upon hundreds of casinos that you can play at, and the experience can greatly vary between them.

Some casinos will have fun themes, while others will try to recreate the ambiance of your favorite casino as closely as possible. You have casinos with live dealers if you are craving that live feel or even VR options that will make you feel like you’re actually sitting at a table.

Some casinos will have games that are more immersive than others. This often boils down to the software operator they are using. Some may be more traditional in their approach, while others will have more of a video game aspect. These games will have bonus rounds with an element of skill that makes the games more fun, and they make you feel like you have more control over the outcome.

Less Interaction

This is another thing that can be both a pro and a con. If you’re naturally an introvert, then a traditional casino environment might be a bit overwhelming for you. Online gambling would be the perfect option for you. This is also a great choice if you’re a poker player and have trouble taking control of your emotions. Some players may have all the fundamentals down but crumble when they’re at a live table. For them, playing online may be their only chance at being successful.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of player who likes to look at the person at the other side of the table straight in the eye and read their body language, you will miss some of that element when playing online. You might be able to pick up things such as betting patterns, but it will never be like real live play. You may have to rethink your whole strategy and focus more on the mathematics of the game if you want to transition your game online.


At the end of the day, you can’t expect an online casino to replicate the live feel perfectly. The closest alternative is going for casinos with live dealers. In this case, you won’t have to worry about RNGs being unfair and will have the satisfaction of seeing a real set of cards or roulette spin.

However, one thing about RNGs is that they work just as well when it comes to probabilities. Random number generators have been used in online casinos for years and in many different applications and are getting better by the day. Also, if you are worried about games being rigged or not offering fair odds, then know that many casinos will have their systems audited by a third party, such as eCOGRA or GamCare. So, if you see a casino that has gone through those lengths to test its game, it is usually a sign that you can trust them with your money.

These are some of the main differences between a traditional casino and an online casino. Before you make the jump, make sure that you have the right playing style and temperament if you want to increase your chances of succeeding.

Edna Boykin

Edna Boykin started her career as a financial news writer. And, she was withal active in stock trading. From the commencement of her vocation, she is passionate about online poker games. As she likes to play poker and roulette, she knows the casino industry exhaustively. She recently joined Times of Casino as a news writer. She regularly contributes in-depth breaking stories and news updates of the casino industry.

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