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Alcaraz won his maiden Wimbledon title, beats Djokovic

Djokovic lost to Carlos Alcaraz in the 5-set thriller, letting the opponent have his maiden Wimbledon title. Celebrations were out when Djokovic congratulated his entire team during an interaction with the media. Applauses, for sure, made their way to the Center Court after the almost 5-hour game came to an end. Alcaraz secured the win with a tally of 1-6, 7-6, 6-1, 3-6, and 6-4.

The game could have gone either way after the first set itself. Making this evident is the way in which Djokovic came out right from the beginning. Losing the set 1-6 can obviously bring down a tennis player. It was fortunately not true for the Spanish tennis star.

It’s a different story from this year, obviously, said Djokovic. Possibly a hint to the point at which the game will change from now on. The Serbian tennis legend has a total of 7 Wimbledon titles to his name. This would have been the 8th title. The journey of having the title to his name started in 2011. It went on till 2022. Alcaraz has earned the title fair and square.

The 36-year-old champion did make a point that he can go on for long hours. It remains to be seen when he comes up with the retirement plan.

It was the second set that brought Alcaraz back to the game. Not easy, but he made sure that he had a chance of surviving the event. A winning edge came when he claimed the third set by 6-1. Literally turning the table around in comparison to the first set. Just when things looked to move easily, Djokovic bounced back and won the fourth title.

The 5th set gave the winner – Alcaraz – also handing him his first-ever Wimbledon title at the age of 20 years. Odds on top tennis betting sites favored Djokovic for a long time.

Women’s Singles concluded a day before. The game saw unseeded Vondrousova bag the title with 6-4 and 6-4 as the tally. She was up against Ons Jabeur. This should not come as a surprise that the Tunisian tennis champ was taken aback by the loss. A fight was not put up, and she is surely upset about that part more than the loss. Interestingly, the event was between World No.2 and World No. 42 tennis players.

With no doubt whatsoever, the favorite to win the title was Ons.

Circling back to Men’s Singles, Djokovic and Alcaraz had a smooth Semi-Final. Alcatraz, for one, advanced from the win of 6-3 in all three sets against Medvedev. Djokovic only had to struggle in the third set, which later ended 7-4 in his favor. The tally before that was 6-3 and 6-4.

The Men’s Doubles title is with Koolhof and Skupski. The Women’s Doubles title is with Hseih and Strycova.

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