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Davante Adams’s suspension awaits further investigation

Davante Adams, the wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, was not happy following the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. It became evident when he shoved a credentialed photographer to the ground with his hands while walking off the GEHA Field towards the tunnel.

Davante Adams has now been issued a citation for the incident. He has been charged with a city ordinance violation per the information revealed by the Kansas City Municipal Court public information officer. The citation clarifies the earlier filings by the police department, where it states that Davante Adams has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

He has been assigned a court date, scheduled for November 10, 2022 (Thursday) at 1:30 pm CT. According to the citation, Davante Adams did inflict bodily injury or cause offensive contact upon the worker, causing headaches, whiplash, and a possible concussion.

The credentialed photographer had made arrangements to visit a hospital, after which he called the police department to file the report. Upon writing the report, the police department concluded that the injuries were preliminary and non-life threatening.

An apology did come from Davante Adams during the postgame session but in vain. He currently faces potential discipline along with suspension from the league.

According to the explanation offered by the WR of the Las Vegas Raiders, a mix of frustration and the credentialed cameraperson jumping in front of him led to this unfortunate incident. ‘I want to apologize to him for that,’ said Davante Adams during the session.

Addressing the incident in the news conference received the backing of Josh McDaniels, the Head Coach of the Raiders.

Josh expressed his support wholeheartedly while assuring that the management would comply with whatever was demanded from them in light of the incident. Calling Adams a great guy, Josh said he does not think there was any intent behind shoving the credentialed worker.

The Las Vegas Raiders lost to the Kansas City Chiefs by 29-30. The event took NFL betting by storm with a close ending between the opponents. The Raiders established their dominance in the first half with 20 points and a lead of 10 points. However, the Chiefs’ perseverance ultimately won the game by a margin of a single point.

It was the third quarter when the Chiefs stopped the Raider from putting any point on the board. Fourteen from their side gave them the much-needed edge before falling short by 3 points in the last quarter.

As per the gaming industry news, the Las Vegas Raiders are next scheduled to face the Houston Texans on October 24, 2022, a game for Week 7.

The Raiders have been on a down point for the past few games. The one against the Texans could be a turning point.

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