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Andres Jecklen Goes Out at 21st Position With $323,100

Andres Jecklen went home with $323,100 after completing the journey at the 21st position. Meanwhile, Vadim Rozin has doubled against Tom Kunze. Rozin is up 6,200,000 at 12,800,000.

Tom Kunze retains the top position with 66,500,000 despite climbing down the stairs by 7,875,000.

Tom Kunze raised 1,600,000, followed by Vadim Rozin, who moved all in for 5,800,000. It was a risk worth taking but got called by Kunze without knowing that a flop was underway to give Vadim Rozin the full house.

Vadim Roze ended up crossing the up mark of ten million. Michael Duek too went up by 1,700,000 for 35,30,000, just behind Tom Kunze, Adrian Attenborough, and Espen Jorstad who have 66,500,000, 55,300,000, and 46,000,000 respectively.

Mathew Su came down to 32,900,000; however, he managed to stay on top of Aaron Duczak, who had 29,000,000 in his pocket.

Robert Welch went against Espen Jorstad to double the handful of points for 19,800,000. Espen Jorstad got lowered but still had the upper hand with 37,100,000. It was a fun moment when Espen Jorstad opened with 1,750,000 before Welch moved all in for 8,875,000.

Espen Jorstad called the moment to flip along with Robert Welch. Both the players received a flop with little to no impact on Welch, who ended up a step ahead with the set.

David Diaz finally left after Mathew Su made it happen. Asher Conniff raised to 1,600,000, followed by Diaz calling off the cut-off. Su walked the pattern by going small blind with the set that was available at hand.

They went to flop, which made Su fold and Conniff get out of the way for Diaz to make 2,700,000.

Both the players later checked the river when Su decided to bet 7,000,000 to claim the pool without resistance. David Diaz called from the hijack after Matija Dobric opened to 1,600,000. They went to the flop where Dobric called the move and landed J-Heart on the turn.

Just as the action appeared to be moving slowly, Dobric bet 800,000 for Diaz to call the move and win the round with the pot. David Diaz is now up 7,000,000 to 41,400,000 while Matija Dobric went down by 5,000,000 to 67,400,000.

Asher Conniff took to hijack the opening with 1,600,000. Asher then called a three-bet to 4,300,000 by David Diaz in the cut-off.

The flop came with the much-awaited twist where both players checked the same deal in response to Conniff check-calling the bet worth 3,200,000.

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