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Texas Hold’em: Things You Should Know

Texas Hold’em Poker can be safely considered as one of the most popular variations of the poker game. It is part of all the flagship poker tournaments across the globe which is proof of its popularity among gamers. That said, there is a misconception among gamers that this variation of the poker is quite simple to play. On the contrary, once you reach the high level of the game, it becomes extremely difficult to get hold onto all possible aspects of the game. In other words, the game becomes complicated as the level becomes higher.

How to play?

The primary objective of the Texas Hold’em game is to achieve the best five-card hand. Each player in the game is given two hole cards and the person to the left of the dealer will be the first one to get the turn. Afterward, the game progresses in the clockwise direction. To start with the betting process, two players to the immediate left of the button are selected. These players come up with small and large-blind bets and subsequently, the game moves forward.

The button is one of the important terms in the game as it determines who the acting dealer in the game is. The dealer button will describe the players who will start the betting process. Also, it determines the starting point from where the sequence of dealing with cards will start. The very first player to the left of the dealer will get the first card and subsequently, every player will get two cards from the dealer.

Rules of the Game

There is an obligation to have two blinds which will ultimately start the wagering process. Without these blinds, the game will become boring. The number of Blinds will keep on increasing with each and every round as some players keep on decreasing. However, in the cash games where the limit has been imposed, blinds will continue to remain the same.

The primary objective of the game is to win and that is accomplished by having the best five-card combination. Every player will receive two hole cards and players have to conceal their cards from others until the time all betting rounds are over. In the game, five cards are displayed on the table along with the player’s two hole cards to make the best the five-card combination.


It is not difficult to understand the reasons behind popularity of the Texas Hold’em. It is a very interesting game and although it looks simple on the skin, it could turn out to be very complex as the level rises. Before you take a plunge into the game, you must make sure that you apprise yourself with all the basic aspects of the game. This will help you to perform better and increase your likelihood of winning the game. It is also important for you not to get tricked by the simplicity of the game. Many players in the heat of the moment rush through the process which is not a good strategy to go ahead and play the game.

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