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Arthur Morris Wins the First Ring in the Hard Rock Tulsa Main Event

Arthur Morris went home with $182,379 & a seat at the 2023 Tournament of Champions after concluding the Hard Rock Tulsa Main Event with a victory despite starting from the bottom when counts came in on the final day.

He has a great track record, but the current year was not really for him as this marks his major victory. Arthur Morris takes a lot back to his home as 98 others share a piece based on their position.

The experience of 17 years of play came in handy, making it obvious that he truly deserved to survive two all-ins before eliminating some of the big names. Arthur Morris has earned half a million from the game and has a huge name in WSOP 2011.

As per the recent poker news, Arthur Morris told the folks that it was tough to make it that deep. He thanked everyone who rooted for him throughout the event, especially his wife and children with whom he plans to spend the coming week.

He built momentum and earned chips to his name to climb the ranks, initially topped by Blair Hinkle, who leaves the event in 4th place with $61,498 in his pocket. Cedric Trevino followed his departure with $82,737 in his name, which appears at the third position. Mike Cordell scored his elimination as he took the lead of 2:1 chip.

The tables turned after Arthur Morris gained the same advantage.

Mike Cordell called off his set to see if Arthur Morris held the nut flush. He flopped trip eights and turned a king-high flush draw to call off his remaining stack. Mike left with second position and a share of $112,717.

A total of nine places made it to the top, with a maximum of $182,379 in the name of Arthur Morris and a minimum of $16,934 in the name of Jay Riley.

Second on the list is Mike Cordell, with $112,717, followed by Cedrric Trevino, who took home $82,737. Blair Hinkle, Jessica Vierling, Danny Griffith, Maziar Monfared, and Michael Marder drew their names on the remaining position in the sequence. Their winnings stand on the final table as $61,498, $46,294, $35,300, $27,270, and $21,346.

Call it nearly difficult, but online live poker comes closer to offering players a similar experience. While the traditional system restricts participation only to the locals or those residing nearby, the internet version of the game removes that barrier to allow many players to participate and claim their share of the prize pool.

Poker remains the most preferred choice irrespective of the setting, which could be either social or competitive.

Hard Rock Tulsa concludes the event at this point. Horseshoe Council Bluffs Main Event goes on the calendar from September 23 to September 26.

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