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Huge River Card Wins ‘Jungleman’ $500k Pot at Hustler Casino Live

Jungleman, alias Cates, remained the highlighting factor for 20,000 viewers of Hustler Casino Live. Unfortunately, a single savage river card pulled him down.

The game played out for $200 and $400, with a buy-in amounting to $100,000, which was the lowest figure. All of this excitement was taking place at the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles. Towards late evening, Cates, who had managed to win a bracelet in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) twice, had lost a quarter of a million due to a single vicious river card.

It was an extremely aggressively played game, with seasoned poker players like Cates, as well as Ethan Yau, nicknamed Rampage, and Santhosh Suvarna, competing against each other. All through the evening, Cates seemed to be playing a rather erratic game, unlike what he is known for. From poker news his end, there was some successful bluffing with Andy, alias Robbi. However, despite all his experience, he lost a pot containing $380,000.

Despite facing situations that were continuously shifting, Cates managed to level out despite the use of blind hands. As the stakes continued to increase, Cates persisted in employing his deceptive strategy.

David Tuchman, the commentator on Hustler Casino Live, prayed for a red jack, and it was granted. Cates brought to the poker table the amount of $156,800, but Santhosh managed to win the $533,500 pot. Cates was then compelled to drag himself to the bank to collect further funds and return to the game to recover his losses.

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